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Training Courses

We are pleased to now offer a variety of quality courses for you to choose from. We have our 1-day basic facial massage and four super half-day global courses in Indian Head Massage, Thai Foot Massage, Tibetan Hand/Arm massage and an Eastern Acu-Pressure Facial Massage. We also have two on-line/distance learning courses in Anatomy and Physiology and Professional Standards courses - and of course - our Signature Facial.

All courses are accredited with The Beauty and Holistic Guilds and include certificates and training manuals, are insurable and carry CPD units - and the four global courses come with the relevant Face The World (unique) CD included. Our Signature Facial also comes with a full product starter kit and our half day courses with two travel-sized products.

*Current tutor locations: Glasgow, Accrington, Stockton-on-Tees, Haworth, Leicester, Oswestry, Southam (nr Coventry), Norwich, Port Talbot, Stroud, Holsworthy, Harlow, London, Lenham (Kent).

Please see our Terms and Conditions prior to booking.

  • FTW Signature Facial - Individual
    £298.80 £237.60 (inc VAT) £249.00 £198.00 (ex VAT) FTW Signature Facial - Individual
    This exclusive to Face The World course is for existing therapists who are already competent in giving either a basic beauty facial or holistic massage (level 3 or equivalent plus an A&P qualification). This...
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  • Train The Trainer Package
    £298.80 (inc VAT) £249.00 (ex VAT) Train The Trainer Package
    We've finally set the first National "standardisation" training days for FTW tutors in all 5 half day and the Signature Facial courses (either as refreshers or as an intensive session). All the unique Face The World...
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  • FTW Signature Facial - Salon/Spa
    £598.80 (inc VAT) £499.00 (ex VAT) FTW Signature Facial - Salon/Spa
    This exclusive to Face The World course is for existing therapists who are already competent in giving either a basic beauty facial or holistic massage (level 3 or equivalent plus an A&P qualification). This...
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  • Eastern Acu-Pressure Facial Massage
    £190.80 £156.00 (inc VAT) £159.00 £130.00 (ex VAT) Eastern Acu-Pressure Facial Massage
    Did you know that the ancient Chinese treatment of acupressure has been practiced and perfected for over 5000 years? In simple terms, it was discovered that by pressing certain points of the body, pain or disease were...
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  • Indian Head Massage
    £190.80 £156.00 (inc VAT) £159.00 £130.00 (ex VAT) Indian Head Massage
    This course will teach you how to safely and effectively give a stress-busting massage. Indian Head Massage is an extremely effective therapy that has evolved from traditional techniques practised in India as part of family...
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  • Thai Foot Massage
    £190.80 £144.00 (inc VAT) £159.00 £120.00 (ex VAT) Thai Foot Massage
    Thai Foot Massage (Nuat Phaen Boran) as we know it today is an ancient, holistic treatment passed down from generation to generation over thousands of years… but it has clearly stood the test of time. And not without...
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  • Tibetan Hand/Arm Massage
    £190.80 £156.00 (inc VAT) £159.00 £130.00 (ex VAT) Tibetan Hand/Arm Massage
    This course is exclusive to Face The World - we aim to reintroduce the lost art of hand massage to the therapist's repertoire! A good hand massage will help tremendously to de-stress your client, open energy channels and...
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  • Basic Facial Massage Course
    £234.00 (inc VAT) £195.00 (ex VAT) Basic Facial Massage Course
    Facial Massage Course - Accredited for basic training/beginners. Do you want to add the ever-popular facial massage to your portfolio? Not sure where to start or what to choose? Whether from a beauty or holistic approach -...
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  • Combined Basic and Signature Facial
    £478.80 (inc VAT) £399.00 (ex VAT) Combined Basic and Signature Facial
    Book our Basic and Signature Facial courses together and receive a super £45 discount! This combined course also includes a full-sized professional starter kit - rrp £200. Our Basic Facial course lasts one day...
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  • Anatomy and Physiology Course
    £222.00 (inc VAT) £185.00 (ex VAT) Anatomy and Physiology Course
    An understanding of Anatomy and Physiology is required as the basis of all practical training courses in beauty and holistic therapy. The GTi Anatomy and Physiology Certificate is accredited by the Guild of Beauty and...
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  • Health & Safety for Therapists
    £42.00 (inc VAT) £35.00 (ex VAT) Health & Safety for Therapists
    Health and Safety (on-line course) This course contains all the relevant health and safety legislation and information which you will need to know when working in the beauty, nails and holistic industry. The GTi Health...
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  • Professional Standards for Therapists
    £58.80 (inc VAT) £49.00 (ex VAT) Professional Standards for Therapists
    Professional Therapists are required to comply with all relevant legislation affecting their businesses and must act professionally at all times towards clients and fellow practitioners. Professional Therapists are...
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  • Successful Retailing
    £54.00 (inc VAT) £45.00 (ex VAT) Successful Retailing
    Retailing in a salon is something which many therapists tend to find difficult. This means that it often gets neglected in favour of promoting treatments. The result is that many therapists and salons miss out on a valuable...
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