New Product Launches – Xmas 2020!

Introducing  7 Beautiful New Products…

We couldn’t be more excited to launch something new!

After quite literally 8 long years we are finally able to create and manufacture to our heart’s content. The full product rationals and data sheets have been completed at manufacture of course – and will be uploaded to the website very soon for those who need them.

As with all of our existing products, we are delighted to say that the new ones are also vegan, ethically-sourced, cruelty-free, paraben and SLS-free and manufactured in the UK.

Radiant Rescue Facial Oil

This beautiful, natural facial serum (50ml) contains a blend of exquisite oils that reduce the appearance of wrinkles – resulting in softer more youthful skin.

The blend contains marula oil – a natural source of vitamins C and E as well as a range of essential amino acids that revitalise and renew skin cells. Frankincense, rose and apricot oils – plus added Vitamin E – ensure the combination keeps the skin hydrated for longer giving a healthy radiant glow… as well as smelling divine. A Serengeti Sunset, anyone?

Find me in the NEW Public Retail Store!

Nourish & Lift Eye Cream

This powerhouse eye cream (30ml) reduces the appearance of wrinkles & dark circles via an intense vitamin rich formula. The cream is also blended with hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture and enriched with green tea extract, making the skin appear fuller and tighter.

Combined with a wealth of our natural oils and extracts that will nourish and protect this delicate area of the face, including apricot, avocado, aloe vera, sunflower, olive, coconut, shea butter and raspberry. Leaves the skin baby soft, with a gentle aroma of oriental blossom. Just heavenly! You’re going to love it!

I’m now in the Retail Store too!

Rejuvenating Night Cream

Introducing our fabulous, rich and natural night cream (50ml) that deeply nourishes and visibly revitalises the skin while you sleep.

Enriched with soothing evening primrose oil and vitamin rich wheatgerm oil, our rejuvenating cream will leave the skin feeling silky smooth and looking re-energised in the morning.

Our blend also uses the healing and moisturising powers of shea butter, oat silk, passionfruit seed oil, plum kernel oil – plus hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. Drift into restorative sleep with our sweet Mediterranean Dreams…

There’s also a gift wrap option for the Facial Oil, Eye Cream and Night Cream!

Gentle Hand & Nail Salve

Our luxurious yet gentle hand and nail salve (150ml) contains coconut, shea, avocado, macadamia and almond oils as well as a range of natural plant extracts to nourish and protect the skin and strengthen nails. The antioxidant rich cream softens and moisturises the hands, leaving a silky smooth, non-greasy finish. A perfect salve to all the hand washing we have to do – and a lovely gift idea too.

With added extracts of blackcurrant, lemon and lavender – your hands are left with our sublime Tropical Grove aroma!

I make a unique gift too and I also smell gorgeous!

Balance & Revive Massage Oil

We know you’ll LOVE this new trade-only product!

Our 100% natural, grapeseed and sweet almond oil (150ml) blend with added plant extracts has a really smooth and silky texture to allow hands to glide easily over the skin – whilst deeply nourishing it.

We’ve added uplifting and balancing essential oils such as juniper, sage and grapefruit to restore a sense of calm to the body and mind.

Sign into your trade account here – the new products are all there too!

Frankincense, Ginger and Orange Massage Candle

New Launch! A trade-exclusive single use massage candle – in our soothing new unisex Arabian blend of frankincense, ginger and orange. It smells soooo good!

The candles melt at a low temperature, making them safe to use on the skin after just a few minutes to cool. Light the candle and leave for a few minutes until a pool of wax appears. Snuff out the candle and leave for a few minutes. Carefully pour a little wax over the back of the hand to test temperature prior to use.

Exclusive to our trained Moroccan Sacred Candlelight Back Massage Therapists

Moroccan Rose Candle – re-brand!

A single use Moroccan rose massage candle – created especially for Face The World using pure rose otto oil and many beneficial ingredients – bliss…

Now with a beautiful new design of label to honour the beautiful flower that gives the candle it’s incredible fragrance.

Our candles are based on a blend of soybean oil, shea butter, sweet almond oil, cocoa butter, jojoba oil and Vitamin E.

Exclusive to our trained Moroccan Sacred Candlelight Back Massage Therapists

Hand Care Top Tips!

We’ve Got The Whole World in Our Hands… All The More Reason to look after them…

Hand care is a topic that affects every single one of us whether therapists or not.hand care

The Basics: Your hands are a vital tool for interacting with the world around you. As a guide, we all have 27 bones and 29 joints in each hand, along with at least 123 ligaments, 34 muscles, 30 arteries and 48 major nerves that branch into a more sensitive neural link between the fingertips and the brain than from the eyes. Imagine that!

But it’s not just about the power of touch here – it goes much deeper. Who can tick any of the following as an important part of their business and/or home lives

• Keeping their hands clean and/or soft
• Keeping nails short or well manicured/presented
• A confident handshake to reassure a new client
• Reiki healing or energetic exchange
• Using a keyboard/tablet/mobile
• The need for strong, steady and/or warm hands
• Handling jars, bottles or equipment with repeated usage (hygiene)
• Last but not least, massage or hands-on techniques (when allowed)?

Yes. The health and longevity of our hands is essential. So here goes with upping the self-care…

Firstly, on the outside. The necessity of constant washing/sanitising, along with our UK weather, stress/busy lifestyle, nutrient depletion, cleaning our therapy rooms, offices and houses with detergent-based products (and 70% ethanol) will eventually take ia heavy toll.

What can we do?

Hand care cream1. Keep hands exfoliated to remove dry skin – look for natural products with ground rosehip seeds and/or fruit enzymes
2. Invest in a good manicure at least every other month (yes, men too) – once allowed
3. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise, especially overnight when the skin heals – ethical products containing shea butter, avocado and/or coconut oils are good ones to look out for. Include your nails as they will benefit too.
4. Try to get plenty of zinc, iron, vitamin C and B group vitamins in your diet – all proven to alleviate brittle nails and enhance skin health.
5. Get those Marigold gloves out for washing up, gardening or cleaning the car – and your fingernails weren’t designed to remove staples!

What about cold hands?

With the Winter months upon us and ecouraged to stay well-ventilated indoors, we can find ourselves with constantly cold hands. But is there any self-help available?

1. The most important single factor is to keep your room warm enough. If possible, you still need to make sure the air temperature is comfortable. Your body closes off small arteries in your skin if you’re too cold.
2. Layer up! Dig out those thin cotton layers/leggings and wear as an extra layer during chilly days.
3. Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid that helps blood flow (found in oily fish and green leafy veg). Ginkgo Biloba supplements also help blood flow to extremities.
4. Ditch the caffeine – it is a vaso-constrictor – and up the water and herbal teas to re-hydrate.
5. If largely sedentary, do keep active – have a 2 or 3 minute walk, or go up and down the stairs a few times. You need to encourage the blood flow back into your hands by getting the heart pumping.
6. If all else fails, buy some re-usable hand warmers! A Google search will bring up many affordable choices.

There’s nothing better than having your own hands and arms regularly massaged. This should ideally be monthly via a professional (once safe to return), a therapy swap or alternatively, you can treat yourself to our brand new Hand & Arm Care Kit – only £22!

The contents include –

1. A 3 minute video giving simple techniques to strenthen your hands/wrists and increase flexibiity.
2. A separate 7 minute video showing you how to give a loved one a gentle hand and arm massage.
3. A 10ml bottle of our professional skin Toner Concentrate
4. A 15ml jar of our award-winning Massage Creme.
5. A full-sized bottle (150ml) of our brand new Gentle Hand & Nail Salve.

And finally… a lovely treat just before bedtime is to rub a few drops of pre-blended (German rather than Roman) chamomile oil into each pulse point on the wrist and over the base of the thumb where we can store tension. To make your own blend, simply add about 4 drops of chamomile oil to 1 teaspoon of rapeseed oil. Chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties as well as soothing muscle pain and spasms. Its calming aroma is legendary and perfect to also help a good nights’ sleep.


Face The World Practitioner Awards 2017/18

Meet the Winners!

This has been an incredibly exciting year for Practitioner Of The Year – as we have joint winners in 2nd AND 3rd places! We have had an overwhelming amount of votes come in – more than ever before – again! It means so much to us how much effort everyone has put in and how these awards keep growing. As a reminder, our winning practitioners are voted for by their clients, fans and general public from a short-list of our 12 Monthly Winners. So here they are…

We asked each of our FTW Practitioners a set of revealing questions about what makes them tick – and advice for other ambitious therapists who want to grow their business:

1st Place – Julia Murray – My Retreat


Julia says:

“I’m thrilled to have won Practitioner of the Year.  It’s such an honour especially in such a strong field of finalists.  My congratulations to all of them too, and thanks for their kind wishes.  Thank you also to Face The World, especially Liz Badger, as I have loved working with such a professional, helpful and appreciative company.  But most of all my sincerest thanks go to my fabulous clients who have voted and supported me in this as they do in every venture.  I am a very fortunate therapist!”


Tell us a little bit about your therapist history; where are you based and how you came across FTW.

I came to the therapy business later in life having been an A Level Dance teacher and examiner for 25 years.  I’d always loved products, going to spas and having treatments myself and I decided to follow my passion.  I started my business in 2013 part-time by taking short courses and adding to my repertoire as I went.  I’m based in a small seaside village on the North East Coast called Cullercoats, and have My Retreat in my home.  I decided early on that I wanted to create a luxury spa experience for my clients, but in a comfortable, quiet environment and with a holistic approach.  I found Face The World quite early on this journey luckily and soon had taken several of the courses on offer.  Last August I was lucky enough to take a place as a mobile trainer and travelled to Norfolk to learn all of the courses and meet so many of the therapists involved with FTW, and of course finally met Liz!  We had a lot in common and I certainly feel at home under the FTW umbrella.

What do you love most about your business?

My favourite moment is when my clients come out of the therapy room and make that ‘uh’ sound that is pure relaxation!  My mission is to create an experience where people feel safe, cosseted and totally pampered.  Snoring is positively encouraged and I often struggle to get them to leave haha.  I have built great relationships with many of my clients, to the extent that I would now call them friends, and my life is enriched because of them.  Plus – I don’t have a commute to work now; instead I just turn on the fairy lights, light the candles, play the soft music and I’m ready to pamper!

What tip would you give others considering starting up in the holistic/beauty industry?

For those considering working in this industry I’d say go for it!  If you have a calling to help others feel better – either through beauty treatments, better skin, muscle relaxation, de-stressing, energy healing – whatever it may be then follow your heart.  I did and I have never looked back.  I can’t say that every day I wake up full of the joys of spring, but for sure every night I go to bed grateful for the opportunity I have been given to live my life on purpose.

To find out more about Julia or to contact her then please take a look at her website and facebook pages:

Joint 2nd Place – Karin & Katie

Karin DouglasEnergise! Therapies

Tell us a little bit about your therapist history; where are you based and how you came across FTW.

Have been a qualified therapist for over 20 years now – but accidentally! I was a community worker and decided to do an evening class for some “me time”. The cookery class was full, so I enrolled in reflexology because I didn’t like feet, and thought this would kill or cure me! I have been teaching therapies now for over ten years too – I’m very lucky to be able to do something I love so much for a living! I run Energise Therapies and Training  just outside Glasgow – we’re a VTCT and SQA approved training centre and treatment centre.

I came across FTW in a trade magazine a few years back, when I was teaching in a further education college,  and rounded up a small group of us to go and train in the main facial – still love Face The World and its ethos just as much as I did then!

What do you love most about your business?

What I love most about our business is the opportunity to effect change – even the slightest change for the better in how someone is feeling can make all the difference. This is why Energise offers cut-price treatments to unpaid carers and people living with long term health issues (and free treatments where possible!). Even a short treatment really can make a difference.

What tip would you give others considering starting up in the holistic/beauty industry?Focus on how you want your work to be, don’t worry about “competition”  and what others are doing/ charging – get your work exactly as you want it to be and keep your standards high! Remember to give back when you can too.

To find out more about Karin:

Her Facebook page is at, 

and website is 

Katie Page – Nightingale Therapy

Katie says:

What an honour, I’m absolutely delighted that a “sole” trader that loves Face The World treatments is runner up in the Practitioner Awards.  I was delighted with POTM for November, so this subsequent award is just amazing.  Smiling from ear to ear ?

Tell us a little bit about your therapist history; where are you based and how you came across FTW.

Nightingale Therapy is a home based therapy room based in the small market town of Brackley, very near Silverstone and Banbury.  I became a Reflexologist in 2005 and have steadily grown the therapies on offer to compliment the benefits of Reflexology. Indian Head & Hopi Ear Candling came first, then after a period came “Tiny Toes” Reflexology & Reflexology for Lymphatic Drainage (RLD).  However, I still felt there was something missing & I had still more to offer my clients.  I had been reading a lot about Acupressure Massage when I saw an advert for Face The World, I called Lizzie to ask many questions & felt that the Eastern Acupressure Course would fit in with my business & the therapies I offered so said I’d do the course. I love this treatment and so do my clients.  Soon after came Tibetan Hand and Arm and Thai Foot Massages.  Then I saw that a new Moroccan Back Massage was available to train in. I have been waiting with baited breath about this treatment & was pleased to be on this course in the early days! Face The World and Lizzie didn’t disappoint me with this treatment, its fabulous – and another therapy my clients love.

What do you love most about your business?

I love the fact I can help my clients relax, sleep, feel better by giving them luxurious Face The World treatments with fabulous products.

What tip would you give others considering starting up in the holistic/beauty industry?

My tip would be for anyone starting in the industry, do your research, continue learning, listen to your clients and embrace change as your business will continue to evolve.

To find out more about Katie:


Facebook page: Nightingale Therapy

Facebook group: Reflexology at Nightingale Therapy

Twitter @KPReflexology

Joint 3rd Place – Deb and Ivana

Debra Hughes – Pretty Vintage Holistic & Spiritual Therapies

Debra Says:

Thank you so much, I feel very honoured to have received a FTW Practitioner Award! I have loved my time so far as part of the Face The World family and I’m glad my clients/friends also enjoy the treatments as much as I enjoy giving and teaching them. ?


Tell us a little bit about your therapist history; where are you based and how you came across FTW.

I have been a therapist for nearly 4 years, in 2015 Pretty Vintage Holistic & Spiritual Therapies began. Based in St Martins, near Oswestry, offering all things holistic and spiritual – including massage, reiki and more, to past life regression and readings.

As part of being able to offer a full service, I began to search the internet for an ‘holistic facial’ treatment. This is where I discovered the Face The World Signature Facial! Straight away I knew this was something I wanted to offer, so I did the course. Since then, I have done every course that Face The World could offer as i love how the company incorporates every aspect of well-being and multi-sensory tools possible, from smells, textures to bespoke music that accompany each therapy. Thank you Face The World. ❤️

What do you love most about your business?

The thing I love the most about my business is being able to make someone feel better within! Whether it is physically or emotionally, it’s amazing to see when someone is on their correct path again. I love inspiring people to learn more about themselves in order to heal and move forward in their lives. I have made so many friends and love seeing them all grow

What tip would you give others considering starting up in the holistic/beauty industry?

The biggest tip I could give to anyone wanting to start out, is to just be TRUE. Love what you do, and the universe will have your back.

To find out more about Debra:

Her website :

or via Facebook at

Ivana Cullup – The Healing Room

Ivana says:

I’m thrilled to have won at all. Thank you, thank you and thank you again.  I’m so pleased for the other practitioner winners too.  Face The World has some amazing therapists.

Tell us a little bit about your therapist history; where are you based and how you came across FTW.


I began my own healing journey back in 1995. I began training in self healing after experiencing severe burn out after working internationally for a well known airline for approx. 15 years. I firstly came across Reiki, having regular treatments, and then exploring other healing systems to rebuild my health.  Training in Reiki was the first step in becoming a Complementary Therapist and Face The World Facialist.

My business is The Healing Room and I’m based in Winkfield in Berkshire.  I strive to develop my knowledge and training in Complementary Therapies so that I can give the best treatments and aftercare advice to my clients. 

I am ITEC qualified and fully insured, I am also Reiki Master have trained with 3 highly respected Usui Reiki Masters.  I have been an active member of established Reiki groups since 2004 where I share my passion for healing people, animals, world healing, absent/distant healing and self healing. 

What do you love most about your business?

As a multi-disciplined therapist I love to work with all the therapies I offer, often blending them to give the best possible outcome for my clients.  I love working with Face The World Facials, Emmett Techniques, Massage, Reflexology and Reiki.  I will be introducing Crystal Therapy soon for my clients who like to heal on deeper levels.

I was so pleased to win Practitioner of the Month last year.  I’ve enjoyed working with such wonderful products and an amazing facial.  Offering a different service to my clients has been received really well. From the feedback I’ve received, my clients love receiving this Award Winning Facial and the results-driven products.  It’s been great to be supported by Liz Badger the creator of FTW. Such a wonderful lady.

What tip would you give others considering starting up in the holistic/beauty industry?

Go for it, enjoy it, love it.  I’ve learnt so much about Complementary Therapies, business and about myself.

To find out more about Ivana:

T:  01344 886655



Find out more about Face The World and our award-winning treatments here.

Moroccan Back Massage – Product Focus

Here at Face The World we have put what feels like an endless amount of consideration into every aspect of the Moroccan Sacred Candlelight Back Massage – including the products that go hand in hand with it!

That’s why we thought it’s important to highlight what the key ingredients are in the key products and why we have chosen to use them…

“The training today was utterly fabulous, the new course is great, full of content and it all flows and entwines. The sensual side of this treatment will set anyone’s senses tingling and the aroma from the candle is still on my hands”

‘Moroccan Rose’ Massage Candle…

Moroccan Rose Otto Candle

Our individual use candles have been created especially for Face The World – you won’t be able to find them anywhere else!

The “Sacred Candlelight” plays three important roles in the Massage treatment:

Firstly, it represents the North African “Guedra Blessing” – imparting blessings and good energy to the community. Usually a night time ritual, it s performed by a campfire, under moonlight or candlelight in one of the larger tents.

Secondly, it melts at a low temperature, allowing the Therapist to pour the hand-hot, molten soy wax onto the client and use it as a luxury massage medium. Here’s what’s inside – 

Shea Butter:

Shea Butter has moisturising properties leaving skin silky smooth. It has also been proven to reduce inflammation.

Sweet Almond:

As sweet almond oil has hypoallergenic properties it allows you to cleanse your skin, relieve eczema and keep your skin soft with less risk of an allergic reaction. It is also brilliant to relieve any lingering muscle aches you may have.

Rose Otto OilMoroccan Rose Otto Oil

To create a single drop of Rose Otto oil it requires 60 roses! This makes this ingredient hard to come by and expensive to manufacture. However, the benefits of using this oil are priceless! It fights depression, reduces infammation, treats wounds, it’s anti-spasmodic and a nervous tonic. 


The smell is divine and it is moisturising as well as an antioxidant allowing your skin to get the right amount of oxygen to be healthy and smooth. It is so good there are rumours that Cleopatra herself used to use Rose Otto oil as perfume…

Talking of which, the aroma fills the treatment room with the most beautiful rose scent to set your client in the right mood and enhance their multi-sensory experience. Blissful…

Moroccan Beldi Soap

The use of fairtrade-sourced, Moroccan black beldi soap and the genuine “hammam spa” kessa mitts for exfoliation will encourage the removal of dead skin cells which will aid new skin growth, thus leaving the skin feeling smoother and looking more bright and vibrant. The black olive paste is rich in oleic acid and vitamin E – and is a highly potent moisturiser.

Beldi Soap:

The Moroccan Beldi Soap is a great emollient and moisturiser. It cleanses the skin leaving the skin soft and silky to the touch. Due to being rich in vitamin E, it also helps to revitalise the skin, acting against dryness, dehydration and ageing skin.

Oliec Acid:

The Oliec acid combats any inflammations and dryness in the skin to help you feel fresher and more relaxed.

Be amongst the first in the UK to offer this blissful treatment…

Book your course here

Moroccan Sacred Candlelight Back Massage

New and exclusive course from Face The World… 

“The training today was utterly fabulous, the new course is great, full of content and it all flows and entwines. The sensual side of this treatment will set anyone’s senses tingling and the aroma from the candle is still on my hands”

The Guedra Blessing…

The Guedra takes its name from the Moroccan drum, made from a clay cooking pot of the same name, used to keep the heartbeat rhythm of the dance. It is done throughout the North African regions inhabited by the Tamachek, also known as the Tuareg or Blue People, so named because of the blue hue their indigo-dyed garments impart to their skin. The ritual is performed to impart blessings and good energy to the community, and can also be done in connection with courtships and weddings.

The music is said to spread the soul’s love and peace to the Beat of the Heart. In a nomadic society, what can be carried by one person is limited, so every item must be essential and multi-purpose. In classical Arabic, the word “guedra” means cauldron/cooking pot. That pot was covered with an animal skin to make a drum, to play the heart-beat rhythm (life’s basic rhythm).

The Guedra is a night-time ritual, around a fire under the light of the moon or inside one of the larger tents by fire or candlelight. For this treatment, we focus on the light from a candle and use the traditional Djembe drum to represent the heartbeat in the bespoke music.

The Sacred Candlelight..

Candles and candlelight have been used and revered across all cultures and sacred rituals across the globe for 1000’s of years. From churches to monasteries to mosques to mandirs – candles represent serenity and the desire for peace. We light candles in memory of loved ones and love the story that just one candle burning in the darkness can be used to light other candles without dimming it’s own brightness.


The Back Massage…

The use of fairtrade-sourced, Moroccan black beldi soap and the genuine “hammam spa” kessa mitts for exfoliation will encourage the removal of dead skin cells which will aid new skin growth, thus leaving the skin feeling smoother and looking more bright and vibrant. The black olive paste is rich in oleic acid and vitamin E – and is a highly potent moisturiser.

The use of the exclusive Face The World “Moroccan Rose” massage candle aims to connect the mind, body and soul allowing the client to feel more relaxed and at one with themselves. Gives a sense of well being and tranquillity. The natural soy wax melts at low temperature and also contains sweet almond oil, shea butter, Vitamin E and rose otto oil… bliss.

Other benefits include:

• Relieves Lower Back Pain
• Improves Circulation
• Relieves Tension from Upper Back
• Stimulates Lymphatic Drainage
• Releases “Feel Good” Chemicals
• Helps Remove Toxins
• Reduces Stiffness and Improves Flexibility
• Improves Sleep
• Helps the Healing Process
• Feels Good and Eases Stress

Book your course here

Looking After Your Feet

They’re the first things up in the morning and the last things into bed at night…….. Our feet!!

Do you give your feet the respect that they deserve?

Feet in muddy boots

It’s very easy to take them for granted.  

They’re just there at the end of our legs putting up with walking around in flip flops or being jammed into ill fitting shoes. Being smothered inside socks and trainers.

They take hundreds of tons of force daily, that’s why feet are the body part most likely to get injured. 

So how can you help them out?

Feet in water

Make sure that you wash regularly, between your toes too! Use a long-handled brush or sponge to help you out if you can’t reach. 

Dry off completely including between your toes. This will help with such problems as Athletes foot, Foot odour, Bacteria and Fungus.

  • Try a nice foot soak, make sure that you use warm water not hot water and use a little liquid soap.
  • Moisturise after washing them. Find a nice foot cream and your feet will appreciate it, if you can try a good foot massage, this will relieve the tension.
  • Try and alternate the shoes that you wear. That may mean two pairs of your favourite shoes…. Perfect! Shoes need time to air out to avoid foot odour and infections.

Your feet should not hurt EVER!

Feet in High HeelsIf you choose to wear heels, choose heels that are wide and stable. Toe boxes should be wide, pointed shoes shouldn’t begin narrowing until well past the ball of your foot.  To protect your Achilles tendon from shortening alternate heel heights regularly.

Remember lots of things can affect your feet: ageing, health and Diabetes are just a few.

Older people lose some of the cushioning fat on the balls of the feet, choose shoes that provide good cushioning and shock absorption.

  • Diabetes can develop serious conditions related to the foot and lower leg. 
  • Check them daily
  • Don’t regret not looking after them, remember… healthy feet are happy feet

About the Author…

Sharon Neal - Author of Looking after you feet

Sharon Neal, of Neatfeet Cymru is a fully qualified Foot Health Practitioner offering a full range of specialist foot health treatments to all age groups.

Sharon is able to provide foot health services to people in the comfort of their own homes, workplaces, nursing & care homes and health units.

Multi-sensory Elements for Massage

We all appreciate the therapeutic power of touch. Touch is of course the most predominant, if not only, sense used or engaged in standard massage therapy. However, what if you want to enhance the overall experience, believability and benefits a client has during their massage treatment? For instance, can other senses apart from touch be engaged to an equal level?  Here, we explore how you can include a more multi-sensory approach to your massage/hands-on treatments.

But how exactly – and why should you?


aromatherapy image

Essential oils and the concentrated aromatic liquids extracted from plants, have been used for their therapeutic benefits for nearly 6,000 years. Ancient civilisations from China, India, Egypt, Greece and Italy all understood the importance of these essential oils – especially in the practice of healing the mind and body – so it’s little wonder they used them in cosmetics, perfumes and drugs.

Most essential oils are either massaged into the skin and/or inhaled. Odours we smell have the ability to positively affect our mood and memory – as we tend to link memory and related smells together – leading to smells triggering associated memories.

So, why do we link smells to specific memories? Our olfactory system (our sense of smell), uses the amygdala and the limbic system to help process smells. The molecules from whatever we’re smelling trigger the olfactory receptors in our nose, along with the other estimated 150 receptors around our whole body. Think about it – yes – we can detect aroma through our whole body.

Sensory neurons then pass the signals onto our olfactory bulb – which then begins processing the signal. Mitral cells carry the signal to the olfactory cortex, limbic system and amygdala – the part of our brain known for emotional learning and memory. Therefore, a stronger memory can be produced and recalled, if our other senses (such as touch and sound) are also associated with that same memory.

If you are not confident in the use of aromatherapy oils/fragranced products during massage, then the burning of incense, scented candles and/or oil-burners can create a memorable ambience that your client will subconsciously grow to look forward to.


From an early age, music has a profound impact on our brains and bodies. Mothers through the ages have used lullabies and rhythmic rocking to calm crying babies. It’s therefore understandable that babies and adults alike respond to music – and why it can make such a powerful tool in massage therapy treatments.

Our brain loves the predictability and structure of music. The rhythmic component of sound waves, tones and chords provide stimulation for our brain – triggering our auditory and visual senses, as well as affecting our sense of touch, movement and general balance.

Music releases mood enhancing chemicals into our body, including dopamine and endorphins – and it’s these hormones that trigger our feelings of pleasure, happiness and wellbeing. Our blood pressure can be lowered, our heart rate can increase or decrease, depending on the tempo of the beat and our heart and other muscles can relax.

Didgeridoos and other low frequency instruments not only release stored negative energy and emotions, they also produce infra sound frequencies that reach below 20 Htz. These low frequencies reach us at a core level, promoting healing and providing relief to our muscular and skeletal structures.

Alternatively, the pure tones of Tibetan chimes (Ting-sha) have long been used in prayer and religious rituals. They cleanse the air, banish negative frequencies and help energise Chi in the environment – and they can have the same affect when used before massage or during massage music.

Sound waves produced by singing bowls, restore a healthy vibrational state to our bodies, whilst resonating and enabling the brain’s theta state. Theta brainwaves induce deep meditation and enhance intuition, creative thinking and promote healing – especially from mental disorders such as depression, insomnia and anxiety.

Another excellent choice is Buddhist or ‘deep voice’ chanting. This produces a waveform that operates on several levels of our body and mind. The pharynx, or false vocal chords, are used to create up to four overtones, all amplified at the same time as the initial first note. This multidimensional sound (Om, or AUM in Hindu) is said to be the creative force behind the Universe; the sound that initiated creation.


When it comes to providing a further multi-sensory experience for your clients, you can consider including differing textures (such as towels, lotions, scrubs and oils), a comfortable temperature (adapted for each client accordingly) and different styles of massage. Depending on the type of massage therapy treatment you’re offering, there will be a variation in pressure, speed and warmth.

Acupressure and/or reflexology are both great additions, as they apply pressure to certain areas or points on the body, known to correspond to various organs and muscles. This can help improve blood circulation, unblock nerve impulses and relieve stress and tension. Using light-pressure based techniques or lymphatic drainage can help speed up your body’s ability to recover, recoup and detoxify.

Indian head massage and Thai Foot Massage are other additions to consider – and also perfect for stimulating the lymphatic system, boosting immune levels and relieving built-up tension. All massage improves circulation, leading to an increase in energy, as well as promoting a clearer mind and an increase in concentration.

An equal emphasis on massage, aroma and music within a treatment can therefore transform the experience for the client and enhance the many benefits of massage alone. Perhaps it’s time to consider upgrading any music/aromas that are currently “background” or not linked to the massage and give them the attention they deserve.

Find out more about our Face The World and our multi-sensory massage courses here –

Spring Clean Your Skin – Inside and out!

As the cold Winter months finally draw to an end, now is a perfect time to treat your skin to a seasonal spring clean.  Dry and cold conditions, extra make-up and lack of sunshine could well have led to sallow, dull and even parched skin.

So what can we do?

Keeping your skin clean should always be tackled from the inside as well as outside – as ultimately lifestyle, nutrition and genetics play an equally important part as topical solutions alone. The latter however can not only give a great pick-me-up but greatly enhance ongoing skin health and appearance.

Clean on the inside…

Clean your skin with a smoothieA daily green smoothie will work all sort of wonders, not only for your complexion! There are numerous recipes out there but a simple, low sugar, easy to repeat one that only needs a basic blender is a good starting point.

The following recipe packs a real punch full of carotenoids (a small handful of kale has 10 times the minimum amount needed per day), detox goodies, vitamins A and C, enough healthy fat to aid absorption and a great source of essential minerals. It’s also slightly alkalising to help balance blood Ph. The following makes 500ml and has a surprising refreshing yet zingy flavour –

  • Small handful of kale, ideally frozen (split a fresh bag down into individual portions at start of week). Act as ice cubes then too!
  • Juice of 1 fresh orange
  • Juice of half a fresh lemon (or less if too tart)
  • Half teaspoon ground turmeric powder
  • Good few grinds of black pepper
  • 300ml unsweetened/pure coconut water

Throw it all in the blender and blend until smooth. Add water to make up to 500ml or desired consistency and blend again. If not sweet enough, add a few cubes of frozen mango and blend again. Mind that sugar though!

Clean on the outside…

Cleaning your skin photoTime for a deep cleanse – and then ideally long-term maintenance too. Sloughing off dead skin cells, unblocking pores and increasing circulation is the single most important thing to do for tired-looking, flaky skin.  All three can be tackled in one sitting with a good face scrub. It might not be the best timing to do this prior to going out as the blood flow to the face may make it rather rosy!

The most effective scrubs tend have both mildly abrasive properties as well as natural enzyme action. Never choose artificial micro-beads though for environmental reasons – remember from nature (or bio-friendly) is always best. Here’s a nice and simple DIY “breakfast” one to try at home.  Exfoliating, moisturising, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial all in one! Only use light, slow swirls with your fingertips to avoid pulling at the skin –

  • Finely ground (gluten-free if needed) oat meal or oat bran
  • Natural bio-yoghurt or mashed strawberries if lactose intolerant.
  • Runny raw honey

Mix above ingredients in three equal parts in a small bowl. Add extra oats if needed to get a nice thick consistency. Thoroughly apply to the skin, focussing on any dry areas and leave for 15 to 30 mins. Rinse off with warm water and gently pat dry.

Maintain the deep cleanse by making sure you thoroughly clean your skin before bedtime every day using your favourite gentle cleanser. A follow up scrub once a week will also keep you skin glowing and soft. 🙂



FTW Thai Foot CourseWould you like the opportunity to expand your portfolio and offer your clients this incredible treatment? Just a half-day hands-on workshop and you can – at half price! (£60 + VAT).

At Face The World, we offer affordable, straightforward training – all industry-approved and CPD registered for your peace of mind. All of courses include a starter kit containing one of our bespoke CDs, at least two of our exclusive skincare products, your training manual and your CPD Diploma Certificate or Certificate of Attendance as applicable.

Click here for more information

Seasonal Skin Care Tips – combat the cold!

Look after your skin on cold, windy days…

Wouldn’t we all like dewy, soft skin throughout these Winter months? Perhaps a rosy glow after coming inside from the cold? Sadly the reality of it is, our typical UK weather and dry, indoor heat play havoc with our skin’s natural defences. If left unchecked, the skin can get dry and tight-feeling , which in turn can lead to flaking, cracking and even severe conditions like eczema.

Panic not. Here are 6 great tips to both prevent and treat parched skin. You’ll be back to peachy in no time…

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. Yes, hardly a surprise this is top of the list!

  • Firstly, look out for natural and nourishing ingredients such as oatmeal and shea butter. These bind moisture into the skin. Look out for the word “humectant” i.e. it attracts water to itself.
  • Secondly, move from water-based to oil-based moisturisers as these can help lock in any moisture whilst forming a protective layer. The most potent of such products are serums. Choose natural ones based on plant oils.
  • Thirdly, apply sunscreen – especially on sunny days or when you know you’ll be outdoors. Stressed skin is more prone to UV damage and Winter rays can still be significant. Don’t forget your lips with a slick of balm containing a UV filter.

A helping hand. Get the gloves out! You’d be amazed how many of us don’t bother, yet the thinner skin on the backs of our hands ages and dries faster than anywhere else. Make sure you slather on a rich hand cream, certainly after your hands have been wet and ideally overnight too. Go for a moisturising soap-free hand wash.

Humidity rules. Keeping our environment warm enough is essential – from central heating to log fires to heaters in the car. All massively deplete moisture in the air. Humidifiers don’t have to be the expensive plug-in versions though. Radiator hangers come from as little as £3 each on e-bay! You fill these with water and hang on the side of your radiator to evaporate. Add a few drops of your favourite aromatherapy oil too.

Buffer up.
We still need to help the skin shed dead cells during the Winter months. By sloughing off dead skin, not only is it easier for products to penetrate, we encourage new skin renewal from underneath. Choose gentle, natural scrubs; only lightly pat the skin dry; and apply your moisturiser/serum straight away. This helps keep moisture and active ingredients locked in place.

Keep your cool. As tempting as it is to run a super-hot bath/shower when feeling the chill, this is one of the worst things you can do for your skin! The outermost layer, the stratum corneum, is made up of cells loaded with keratin and lipids. Together they form a protective barrier against the environment. Intense heat plus typical foaming products will strip this essential layer away. Lukewarm water is best.

Treat yourself to a facial. Seeking the expertise of a skilled facialist will be worth every penny. Ask for a facial that includes a massage stage, an exfoliation and a moisturiser as a minimum. A good massage will encourage circulation, heat cold muscles, drain away toxins, aid healing, de-stress you – and ultimately it’s dedicated “me time” that every single one of us deserves.

Winter self-care is very important – especially for our skin which is after all the bodies largest organ. So look after yourself, keep warm and we’ll see you again in Spring!

Feel free to try our ethically-sourced, gentle skin care products. Our Welcome Store is right here.



FTW Practitioners of the Year 2016…

Face The World Practitioners Awards 2016 – Meet the Winners!

This has been the closest P.O.T.Y year ever – with by far the highest number of votes cast! A huge well done to everyone who took part and voted and an even bigger THANK YOU. These finalists have been super, haven’t they? As a reminder, our winning practitioners are voted for by their clients, fans and general public from a short-list of our 12 Monthly Winners. So here they are…

We asked each of our FTW Practitioners a set of revealing questions about what makes them tick – and advice for other ambitious therapists who want to grow their business:

1st Place – Hayley – Serenity Touch, Great Moulton, Norwich, Norfolk

Tell us a little bit about you; where are you based and what do you love most about your business?

She says – Wow! in a word is how I felt when I heard that I won the Practitioner of the Year 2016 – so exciting that there aren’t enough words to describe the emotions. It is so humbling to know that so many lovely clients enjoy what they receive and take the time out to vote. I love what I do and to be able to help others when they come into the therapy room is a huge privilege and honour. I have been a Holistic Therapist for 11 years now and work from my therapy room based at home in a village in South Norfolk.

I enjoy seeing a variety of clients with many concerns. I use all the therapies that I offer, which range from physical ones such as massage to energy ones like Reiki. If my clients are feeling more comfortable and in a better place once they leave the therapy room, I have achieved what I wish to do. In nutshell I just love to help others create a better life for themselves, their family and their possible clients.

Who would be my perfect celebrity client? Good question. I would love to have Mother Theresa as a celebrity client as her visions for the world and what we need to be able to offer others was tremendous. A great leader in what will always be needed for others. What she would be able to teach me would be a honour.

To find out more about Hayley or to contact her then please take a look at her website and facebook pages:

What tip would you give others considering starting up in the holistic/beauty industry?

For anyone out there thinking of setting up a business in the holistic therapy field or maybe starting some training I would say go for it! Follow your heart with what you wish to do and achieve. Do some reading and research. Contact local therapists where you are and ask their advice as they will always be willing to talk to you and help. Trust in the Universe and what you need will be there. Know that to be able to help others you need to have a good course that gives the knowledge that you need to help and work on the public. In the long run do what you love and you will excel at it!

2nd Place – Karin – Energise! Therapies, Glasgow

Tell us a little bit about you; where are you based and what do you love most about your business?

I’m based in Cambuslang, just outside Glasgow. I was a lecturer in further education for a number of years, before  leaving to set up Energise Therapies and Training, a VTCT-approved centre. We offer complementary and beauty therapy training, as well as training for teachers, assessors and internal quality assessors. I also volunteer with Carers Caring for Carers, a group of unpaid carers and former carers (I’m a former carer myself). There’s nothing I don’t like about my work! I’m very fortunate to be able to teach subjects I love, and to be able to offer gorgeous treatments in a chilled out atmosphere.

Who would your perfect celebrity client? My husband just said “you like Keith Lemon!” I do, but think he’d be a chaotic client! Can’t really think of a celebrity client – is it cheesy to say all our clients are celebrities to us? Probably, but it’s true!!

To find out more about Karin:

Her Facebook page is at, 

and website is .

Treatments and events can also be booked via with all profit going to help run the carers unit 

What tip would you give others considering starting up in the holistic/beauty industry?

Don’t just consider it, do it! It really is the best job in the world! 

Joint 3rd Places – Tessa and Angela

Tessa – The Bees Knees, Royston

Tell us a little bit about you; where are you based and what do you love most about your business?

Hi, my name is Tessa and I am the owner of The Bee’s Knees in Royston, Hertfordshire. After 17 years working as an IT consultant in London I decided to to give up life in the rat race to have a family in 2005. Little did I know that the birth of my first daughter would lead me to finding an unexpected calling as a beauty therapist. I’ve known most of my customers for years and they feel like a family to me. We all have ups and downs in our lives, but we all seem to pull through together. I hope that they all realise how much they have helped me through some tough times and I like to think I have been there for them too.

When I found out that I came third in the FTW 2016 practitioner of the year, I was absolutely buzzing (no pun intended lol!) I couldn’t believe how many of my lovely customers had voted for me and what meant more to me than anything was all the wonderful testimonials I received, they truly are very special to me.

Who would your perfect celebrity client? I’m afraid I am not very good with the whole celebrity hero worship, so this has been somewhat of a challenge. If I had to choose anybody it would probably be someone like Sheila Hancock who is a strong and independent lady who has had a tough life but still seems to have  calm and serene presence about her.

To find out more about Tessa:

Her website :

or email 

or via facebook at

What tip would you give others considering starting up in the holistic/beauty industry?

For anybody interested in starting up in the holistic and beauty industry I would say do what you enjoy and be true to yourself and your values. Don’t jump on the latest fads unless it feels right for you. It’s a fantastic industry to be in and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else now.

Angela – Solace Massage, Gravesend

Tell us a little bit about you; where are you based and what do you love most about your business?

My name is Angela and six years ago, I decided that I would like to manage my own business and no longer work for someone else. I took the plunge and formed ‘Solace Massage’, which means comfort, relief and support.  I had previously performed therapy work in another guise, and thought this to be a good career opportunity for myself.  I work from home (Gravesend, Kent) in addition to two days at an Osteopathic health/holistic center. I started my business by obtaining basic qualifications, and over time, have gained several more diplomas – therefore expanding the services I am able offer.

Whilst running my own business, I love the freedom to work whenever I wish, although it has subsequently become so successful, that it now takes a good deal of juggling. I feel very passionate about the services I offer, and studying how to provide assistance for my clients’ conditions.

I felt overwhelmed and proud, of the number and content of the testimonies that I received. I have steadily increased Face the World therapies, undertaken as a treatment on its own and/or incorporated with other massage options, to a point where it is now a significant percentage of my business.

What tip would you give others considering starting up in the holistic/beauty industry?

I would recommend anyone considering such a career, is to start small (less risk) and work hard to build a reputation for personal service, tailored to each individual. Do not overstretch yourself, and be prepared not to make an instant profit, but to continually re-invest in qualifications. I have also found that offering services to charity occasions, also gains clients and reputation. My key words are – hard-work, self-belief, flexibility, and individual personal service.

Who would your perfect celebrity client? My perfect celebrity client would be Helen Mirren.  She is a remarkable person, obviously conscious of her own health and well-being, elegant, energetic, down-to-earth, and seems to be game for anything.

You can find Tessa on FaceBook. She has two pages – one for Solace Massage and the other for  Face The World.

Find out more about Face The World and our award-winning treatments here.