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Benefits of Traditional Tibetan Music

Tibetan music has been used for centuries for healing and meditation purposes…

… which is why it makes a perfect compliment to Tibetan massage. Our Face The World music therapy is of equal importance alongside our aromatherapy and of course massage techniques. So – we thought we’d like to tell you about the three methods of Tibetan music we use during our Tibetan hand/massage treatment.

Our bespoke music is always created to use a range of traditional sounds. With Tibetan music, these help restore the normal vibratory frequencies of out-of-harmony parts of the body, mind and soul. Do enjoy the read!

Tibetan Chimeschimes

Tibetan chimes (Ting-sha) have been used in prayer and religious rituals for as long as the Tibetan Monasteries have existed. The pure tones cleanse the air and banish negative frequencies. This helps to energise Chi and ready the environment for prayer, mediation and healing – or in our case, massage.

Signing BowlsTibetan signing bowl

Singing Bowls produce sound waves with frequencies that resonate and enable the theta state of the brain. This also restores a healthy vibrational state of the body, mind and spirit. Theta brainwaves induce the state of deep meditation that is also said to enhance intuition, creative thinking and promote healing from disorders such as anxiety, depression and insomnia.

Buddhist ChantTibetan Monks Chanting

Buddhist Chant or “deep voice” chanting is incredibly hard to master. The phaynx or false vocal chords are controlled in such a way as to create a second or even third/fourth overtone to be amplified at the same time as the first note. Yes really! This is reputed to be a multidimensional waveform which operates on several levels of the body and mind. This sound is said to be in synch with the creative force of the Universe, in Hindu known as AUM (Om), which was the sound that initiated creation.



These three amazingly powerful sounds when combined with relaxing Tibetan melodies, the therapeutic benefits of massage and aromatherapy will give a unparalleled multi-sensory experience.

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