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We are DELIGHTED to be able to offer a selection of our professional products directly to you from our Internet Shop - and proud to inform you that for the last 11 years, our products have ALWAYS been vegan, paraben-free, SLS-free, cruelty-free, ethically sourced and manufactured here in the UK.


Here at Face The World we're not only passionate about our products and courses, we believe that giving something back is essential to all good business practice. So, in our own way, we have developed a heart-centred plan and would love you to join us in the quest for sharing some goodness in the world...


  • Massage or Moisture Crème - Giving Back
    £30.00 £18.00 (inc VAT) £25.00 £15.00 (ex VAT) Massage or Moisture Crème - Giving Back
    Our professional massage crème is now available for everyone and includes a FREE mini jar and FREE shipping!  The mini jar of Massage Crème could either be gifted to someone who needs cheering up. or...
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  • Sample Set - try our facial range!
    £30.00 (inc VAT) £29.00 £25.00 (ex VAT) Sample Set - try our facial range!
    Here's your chance to try our range of professional products that are now available to the public! We know you might like to"try before they buy"... so here's your chance. We hoope our gorgeous full set of mini samples...
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  • Full Professional Product Set
    £178.80 (inc VAT) £157.40 £149.00 (ex VAT) Full Professional Product Set
    Have you tried our Sample Set and want to hold stock and/or use our products but not a Face The World Therapist? No problem! Here's a straightforward set of our full-sized professional products and at a great discount on...
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  • Exfoliating Scrub - Double Impact
    £23.58 (inc VAT) £19.65 (ex VAT) Exfoliating Scrub - Double Impact
    This is a high performance yet skin-friendly gel scrub combining two methods of exfoliation – physical and chemical – making it twice as effective in the same amount of time. Our mildly abrasive ground Rosehip...
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  • Hydrate and Replenish Moisturising Lotion
    £25.20 (inc VAT) £21.00 (ex VAT) Hydrate and Replenish Moisturising Lotion
    Our award-winning light and easily absorbed moisturiser is a perfect way to finish a facial or for every day use at home. Its non-greasy formula contains both natural and cutting edge ingredients that work to keep...
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  • Rainforest Cleanser
    £23.10 (inc VAT) £19.25 (ex VAT) Rainforest Cleanser
    Our light, mild yet highly effective cleansing milk has been developed to give the perfect balance of glide on the skin, hydration, and removal of make-up, dirt and grime. The Shea Butter content melts at body temperature,...
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  • Starter/Travel/Gift Set
    £24.00 (inc VAT) £22.25 £20.00 (ex VAT) Starter/Travel/Gift Set
    Introducing the super cute Face The World mini product gift set - the perfect way to try five luxurious, natural products. Treat yourself, loved one or a friend to this delightful kit containing mini samples of refresh...
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  • Hydro-Marine Mask Concentrate
    £25.20 (inc VAT) £21.00 (ex VAT) Hydro-Marine Mask Concentrate
    We are rightly proud of our unique mask concentrate with accompanying FTW compressed cotton face cloths. Just add two pumps into 25ml of tepid water (or hand-hot if prefered) then drop in the compressed face towel. You...
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  • Pack 5 Overnight Serum Sachets
    £12.00 (inc VAT) £10.00 (ex VAT) Pack 5 Overnight Serum Sachets
    Our serum sachets contain the same ingredients as in our amazing FTW serum - and are for you to either take home for free after your Face The World Facial - or to treat yourself to keep that luxurious, silky...
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  • Single Rose Otto Massage Candle (35g)
    £7.20 (inc VAT) £7.00 £6.00 (ex VAT) Single Rose Otto Massage Candle (35g)
    We know you will love this beautiful and exclusive product! Our Moroccan rose massage candle has been created especially for Face The World using pure rose otto oil, natural soybean oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, sweet...
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