About Face The World - Accredited Practitioner Training Courses in Holistic and Beauty Facial Massage
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A big welcome from Lizzie Badger, Owner of Face The World...



Thank you so much for visiting us - I hope you enjoy exploring our website! Face The World is a multi award-winning UK company which specialises in holistic massage training and premium, ethical skin care. Our patented Signature Facial trains you to take your clients on a blissful, multi-sensory journey around the world!


Our Signature Facial has been developed from scratch using an expert National Advisory Panel. The facial massage and product range are truly unique - we have made every effort to reach perfection. Our courses are approved by The Beauty/Holistic Guild, the Complementary Therapist Association and Professional Ethical Practitioners.


Our affordable, quality products are are also paraben-free, SLS-free, cruelty-free, ethically-sourced, do not contain animal products and are manufactured in the UK. We use both cutting edge and traditional active ingredients that are beneficial for all skin types - even sensitive, like mine.

We can’t wait for you to read our 100% authentic customer feedback.  


I’d love you to sample our on-line virtual facial (needs Flash Player to load up!) or try our mini promo video instead - and do read about our superb products and excellent start-up options available. We also offer our therapists who train in our Signature Facial a 1-mile exclusivity zone free of charge whilst practising FTW.  

VOLUNTEER THERAPISTS' HUB (UK) - Giving something back

We are also delighted to have founded the UK Volunteer Therapists' Hub! This started as a facebook group in 2015 - and now has over 1500 therapist members like you. We aim to match volunteers with charities and organisations local to them, that need their services. We believe it's only good business practice to share some goodness in the world.

We look forward to welcoming you to our team of qualified therapists or as users of our award-winning Massage Creme.

Please join us on our incredible journey!

Lizzie B  x

Owner and Principal, MGBT, Dip, BSc, MSc