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  • Refresh & Soften Cleansing Lotion

    "Good texture, not greasy, felt silky" - Sally, Tunbridge Wells

    "Light Product. Glides on skin, mild, loved it!" - Kate, Eastbourne

    "Texture wonderful – like diving into water!" - Chris, Oxford

    "Removed all make-up well, not too oily" - Debbie, Accrington

    "Cleanser was lovely" - Uma, Leicester

    "Spread well and removed make-up well" - Caroline, Blackburn

  • Toner Concentrate

    "Toner really softens water and cleans well" - Jo, Polegate

    "Not as harsh as regular toner" - Maggie, Port Talbot

    "Removed product well, felt refreshed" - Judith, Horsham

    "Really liked the toner additive" - Claire, Liverpool

    "This is a very good idea, very refreshing" - Adele, Olney

    "Skin could breathe and felt very fresh" - Ruth, Stourbridge

  • Moisturise or Massage Crème
    "Excellent, liked it – texture very good" - Sophie, Abingdon

    "Quite exotic, glided well and felt luxurious" - Jane, Wales

    "Wonderful. GREAT!" - Brenda, Kent

    "Lovely!! Beautiful texture – great slip – wonderful" - Margaret, Milton Keynes

    "Lasted 15 minutes without going bitty and absorbed well" - Shelagh, Lancs

    "Prefer to the oils and creams used in the past" - Sarah, Thame

  • Double Impact Exfoliating Scrub
    "Skin felt really soft and smooth after" - Peter, Swansea

    "Exfoliation felt right, not too harsh" - Tracey, Bucks

    "Deep cleansing – enjoyed it!" - Tina, Crawley

    "Texture, again, great! Felt it working" - Joy, Bedford

    "Lovely product" - Navleen, Midlands

    "Skin felt very clean and glowing. Liked it very much!" - Anne, Liverpool

  • Hydro-Marine Mask Concentrate

    "Felt cool and refreshing" - Jacquie, E Sussex

    "Awesome! Perfect sensation!!" - Libby, Oxford

    "Feels cool and gelatinous. I like it a LOT" - Charlette, Tunbridge Wells

    "Made a difference, brightened skin" - Jill, Aylesbury

    "Mask is lovely, skin felt really soft" - Muna, Leicester

    "Like that it’s different. Very refreshing" - Eve, Accrington

  • Hydrate & Replenish Moisturising Lotion

    "Loved the moisturiser, liked the feel" - Dee, Wales

    "Liked consistency, spread well, not greasy, sank in" - Monica, Horsham

    "Texture is light but creamy and soaks in well" - Helene, Eastbourne

    "Skin feels really silky and lovely" - Donna, Kent

    "I can’t stop touching my face!!" - Verity, Bucks

    "Great texture. Light but hydrating" - Abi, Kidderminster

  • Overnight Skin-Booster Serum

    "Loved it – like the 'feel' of putting it on" - Pauline, Wirral

    "Very nice product. Has lovely texture" - Connie, Leicester

    "Love this texture. Skin felt fabulous!" - Susan, Tunbridge Wells

    "I love this serum – goes on beautifully and feels amazing!" - Barbara, Oxford

    "I wasn’t prepared for the beautiful appearance of my skin this morning!" - Eileen, Willingdon

    "Serum last night was just fantastic. Felt gorgeous!!" - Chris, Port Talbot