Volunteer Therapist Registration Form
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Thank you for your valuable work as a Volunteer Therapist!

Please register your details with us here so we can arrange to pool together a group of 4 therapists in your region asap. You will need our special volunteer coupon code on booking and to provide evidence of your volunteer placement (either a written letter on headed paper or e-mail from your placement organiser) prior to any training taking place. When completing the following form, you will also need to state the following in the details box

  • The Face The World course(s) you are interested in from: FTW Signature Facial, Indian Head, Thai Foot, Tibetan Hand/Arm and/or Eastern Acu-pressure (of the face).
  • Your postal code (or town/county you live in).
  • How far (in miles) you would be willing to travel for training.

If you have any questions about filling in this form, feel free to add questions to this form or contact us first via e-mail: info@face-the-world.co.uk or phone: 0845 544 1555.

We look forward to getting your training arranged for you asap. :-)