Holistic Business Award Winner 2013/14
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Please see below for some of the wonderful comments which helped us win -

UK Holistic Business of the Year award 2013/14:

Liz has worked so hard on her business to get this far and she deserves this award.

Wonderful products, friendly personal communications

Fantastic service and very informative prior to booking.

Tutors are wonderful and products are Divine :)

Liz has a passion for ensuring high quality training is at the forefront of her company. The FTW website with video tutorials is an excellent resource for therapists and her customer service on product orders is outstanding.

It's a brilliant concept. Liz works tirelessly to promote her company and it definitely deserves to win, especially based on originality.

They are an innovative and truly relaxing product & treatment

I believe in them

A breath of fresh air and a brilliant idea.

Liz is utterly committed to her business and believes wholeheartedly in everything that FTW represents.

It's an amazing treatment and Liz has worked so hard to promote it.

Liz has worked so hard on developing this excellent business with outstanding products.

Liz badger is passionate and great at what she does.

They offer an amazing and unique experience that is out of this world!!

Liz has worked extremely hard to get such a great product off the floor - well done Liz xx

Face the world is brilliant and highly recommended

One of the best facials I have ever had

She is marvellous

They have a great idea. Original.

Fantastic products, amazing concept and professional expert support from all staff. Thank you x

It's an excellent facial with a high-performance range of holistic products and the team behind it are so knowledgeable.

Unique and special treatment. Amazing concept.

Liz is passionate and has a great new idea coupled with wonderful products.

Their product is unique & fantastic and transports me around the world!!!

For her support of the Seven Wellbeing Centre, a teaching centre and Butterwick Hospice

Liz has worked tirelessly to get this business the best it can be and is constantly trying to improve quality and customer satifaction

Unique product, and staff truly committed to quality and holistic approach within the industry

The products are fantastic and their delivery of the training is second to none

The people I have met within this company are always friendly and approachable. Liz herself is such a helpful, positive influence and a genuine lovely lady. Service when purchasing products is always spot on. I don't have a negative world to say about this business.

It's not just a product, but the holistic approach, the whole experience that makes this extra special.

The products and treatments are unbelievable.

Brilliant training course, lovely, helpful staff

They provided a fantastic bespoke training service, extremely professional, knowledgable and friendly.

They offer lovely products and the owner Liz is a fabulously wonderful lady

They are so dedicated to making a difference.

They produce great motivational help for businesses

They are utterly committed to the creation and development of the unique Face The World concept and spreading the most positive vibe I have ever come across in the beauty and wellbeing arena.

Excellent all round experience

FTW is a brilliant idea coupled with amazing products. No one has worked harder than Liz & she deserves to win so much.

It is a truly unique experience.

Liz has created a fantastic facial range, a pleasure to share with my clients who keep coming back. A beautiful woman with a heart and soul for her business. A pleasure to be a part of.

Excellent holistic business - not only fab to her own clients but has been very helpful in helping me in my new holistic business

Because its such a unique massage that has been developed to relax and pamper and improve well-being. It is also a very professional organisation.

Fantastic company, fantastic products, fantastic treatment

They have developed an amazing product and experience and devoted blood, sweat and considerable tears in doing so.

The attention to detail is amazing and they care so much about their practitioners and clients alike. The products they have developed are incredible and the innovative choreographed routine ensures consistent quality throughout the country wherever you have a treatment. A real pleasure.

The Facial and products are designed for ultimate relaxation and beautiful skin. Liz Badger has worked so hard to perfect and set up the company.

The concept is innovative and the products wonderful

Innovative ideas, fabulous natural products, high quality and service

Its a great brand, and an exciting and new concept in the world of facial treatments

The service levels Face the World provides is outstanding.

There is true dedication and commitment to ensuring customers/clients are well taken care of. There is also tremendous Ingenuity in the FTW Holistic Facial concept.

The most unique choreographed facial & massage ever! Enjoy the journey & feel invigorated.

They offer a fantastic, holistic treatment that really does pamper body and soul

Their treatments leave you feeling fabulous

They have a genuinely caring and intuitive service

Great facial concept and effective but gentle products

Lizzie has shown such guts and determination to launch a National business on her own - but with also so much love to give.

Their products are amazing especially the night serum. Their service is impeccable, prompt, pretty and very personal. *****5

They put their hearts and souls into everything

Fantastic products and a truly holistic ethos - outstanding customer service and all-round good people ! :)

The products and treatments are out of this world and the owner, Liz, is an amazing, kind, wonderful person.

The products are lovely as is the facial routine

They have integrity, innovation and determination

Customer service is second to none and the treatment is amazing!

They have a very original holistic approach to spa treatments and take your senses on a journey of escapism!

It is a fabulous concept with great products, training & back up

It is a wonderful holistic company run by ethical and loving people. The products and treatments are divine.

It is the best holistic facial that I have ever used - and my clients love it and feel at peace and content.............

Hard working owner with innovative ideas and a gorgeous product range. Face the World needs more exposure.

The products are divine, the treatment is sublime, and if they didn't win it'd be a crime. Ok bad poetry but they are wonderful!

Face the World is a genuinely new and innovative facial treatment, and their serum is to die for!

For innovative ideas, transforming dreams into reality, tenacity and creating a perfect package of holistic massage

They have a wonderful product range and treatment training

They have a unique facial experience and lovely products.

For the dedication they show to not only helping clients but also the support they show to other holistic businesses (incl me!)