Face The World Testimonials - Training and Signature Facial Massage
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Authentic Feedback - Beauty editors, Students, Independent Beauty Bloggers

"I really did enjoy the treatment, it was lovely. I think it's so important these days to offer a mix of relaxation and results in one treatment - and so many don't offer both benefits!" - Gemma Ward, Editor Salon Magazine.

"I have personally been so inspired by both the products and the facial that i have already taken the practitioner's Signature Facial Diploma Course!"
- Ellie Blair, Kindred Spirit Magazine


"The facial was really lovely and very relaxing! My skin definitely looked younger and I felt relaxed for the rest of the day. I was quite stressed beforehand so it worked!" - Jenny Carrington, Freelance Beauty Writer and Stylist

"I would definitely recommend you try the Face The World facial. I thoroughly enjoyed it!
What impresses me most, is the attention to detail. The music, the aromatherapy and the massage techniques involved all cleverly planned out to give the client a unique and therapeutic experience." - Pampered Prince, UK Beauty Blogger


"Thank you SO much for my fabulous facial and massage yesterday - I was blissed out!" - Rachel Montague-Ebbs, The Modern Girl's Guide

"Good luck with expanding your coverage it's a fantastic facial."

"I thoroughly enjoyed my training day and am truly happy with your products, they are wonderful. Just like you I am very particular about treatments and think you have a lasting creation. My clients are thrilled with the facial experience and really have noticed a difference in their skin."

"I'm still beautifully chilled out today after that lovely session! Sailed through a hectic day at work ,covered a colleague's classes as well as my own, and came home totally unruffled and serene with the " wake-up" soundtrack from yesterday in my head! You should bill FTW as stress management ! :)"

"It was a lovely day. The venue was so nice and I had such a good tutor, with a wealth of knowledge and experience to pass on. An excellent days' training and I just love the products too."

"I thoroughly enjoyed the day and so excited to be able to offer this treatment and the products to my clients. Thank you for bringing amazing products to the market and I look forward to experiencing your new journeys in due course."

"I had such a lovely day. I felt so comfortable with her and the training was really informative. I especially liked her approach to the training by letting me observe a full treatment before getting hands on!"

"My mum was my model and has been getting people to stroke her face after her dry skin is 100 times better and she has booked herself in for another one!"

"The girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves yesterday and found your training very informative and exciting, which is wonderful news as it is so nice to hear the positive comments from them.  As an added bonus, the girls found their skin felt very soft today, Hannah mentioned that her friends commented on how nice her skin looked that evening."

"I personally think you have got some gorgeous products which just make your skin feel lush and together with the routine, it's a little cracker!"

"I had a great day yesterday - Lauren was a brilliant tutor and made it very calm and fun. 
Usually I am a nervous wreck on a course, but I didn't feel like that with her at all."

"Just to let you know I thoroughly enjoyed my training today with Mandy and am so excited to start offering this treatment. I already have a couple of people booked in!" 

"My therapists, myself and our clients have all loved the facial so far - with the product smells and coordinated music massage being commented on regularly."

"I had such a wonderful day. Hayley is an amazing teacher and my training buddy Lisa was just the best! I cannot wait to get started! First client on Wednesday."

"The products are beautiful and the night serum - well!! What a treat that was at bedtime!"

"The training with Zoe was fantastic. She was clear and made it easy to follow. I tried it out on my sister the next day and the manual helped me remember all the points. Will definitely be doing another course with your company. Thank you!"

"We have done about 7 FTW’s already and both thoroughly enjoy doing them as do the clients enjoy receiving them! Very good feedback re the music and the whole journey experience."

"Thanks very much Tina, it was a super day."

"Amazing products - my clients are in love with them."

"Lauren is an excellent teacher, very warm and friendly. I love the music, it is so relaxing and refreshing to hear something different."

"My tutor was lovely and her training was excellent, I really enjoyed the day."

"What a brilliant facial, the best ever, thank you."

"My friend Debbie, who I might add, I've never known her to be so quiet, said she hasn't felt so relaxed like this for ages, and it was one of the best facials she's ever had - I think she went to pamper heaven and back..."

"I had a great training day today and Kim is so lovely! I thought I'd like the concept of this facial and I wasn't disappointed."

"Once again thank you so much for introducing me to this wonderful treatment - I am sure I will thoroughly enjoy it as much as my clients!" 

"Just to let you know my training last Friday was fab.  I really enjoyed it - had a great trainer - so relaxed - and she explained everything very well."

"The mini treatments during the mask phase are an excellent addition too - and a nice opportunity to show how versatile the massage cream is."

"People love the facials and are amazed by the mask!!"

"I really enjoyed the training. It is such an interesting concept with the music as part of the sensory experience. I have a queue of friends waiting to be guinea pigs as i familiarise myself with the routine!"

"My mother was our model - born in 1923, worked in the fashion trade but never, ever had a facial! She really enjoyed the treatment, liked the products and says she can see her skin is looking better - warmed from within, she says, and she can feel the moisture deep down. She says she'll tell her friends!"

"What a wonderful facial - I'm ready for anything!"


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