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Holistic Therapist Magazine

"Having personally tried Face The World’s 'Hydrate & Replenish Moisturising Lotion’ I must say this is an excellent product. Light, refreshing & left just the right moisture and shine to my skin. No greasy feeling, not too shiny, lovely clean smell and left a great hydrated feel.
Loved it, 5 stars *****
Jayson Firmager, Director  Holistic Therapist Magazine

The Salon Magazine:


"The serum is a top class product - a beautiful , light texture that leaves the skin glowing. A little goes a long way too!"

Pampered Prince Blog: http://www.pamperedprince.co.uk/2012/08/face-world-overnight-skin-booster-serum.html

"It's almost a shame to use this only as night serum. The instant change in appearance and feel of your skin is pretty amazing. My pores seemed reduced and my skin feels so soft."

Amazing PR Beauty Blog - http://amazingpr.co.uk/blog/?p=6296#

"At the Amazing Blog we think Face The World's Overnight Skin-boosting Serum is a definite winner and has quickly become one of our must-haves."

I am Into This Blog - http://www.iamintothis.com/2012/07/face-worlds-overnight-skin-booster.html

"So, does it work? Err - YES!!!"rosy-review.jpg

"The cream is wonderfully light and non-greasy (great if your face can easily veer from dry and flaky to oil slick like mine), but moisturises like a dream. Oh, and it also happens to be one of the most heavenly-scented face serums I've ever used!"

Latest in Beauty - http://www.latestinbeauty.com/blog/super-serum-exclusive-from-face-the-world/

"Likened to velvet on the skin, we at Latest in Beauty are jumping up and down with glee at the freakingly fantastic Face The World Overnight Skin-Boosting Serum. We are, quite frankly, obsessed with this – I have a sachet in my desk drawer for those dry moments throughout the day and have been slathering it on at night."

In The Review - http://www.inthereview.co.uk/face-the-world-serum-and-moisturiser-duo.html

"This product feels heavenly against your skin; you won't want to stop touching your face! (strange, but true!)"


Customer and Therapist feedback -

"Forget other serums that sit like a plastic glaze on the skin, this FTW serum is light, luxurious and adds a touch of indulgence to your everyday beauty regime.  A little goes a very, very long way so it is also extremely good value for money."

"Beautiful product! It has the most amazing silky texture and smells incredible. It sinks into the skin quickly and you wake up to soft, glowing skin. A definite favourite."

"Face the World Overnight Serum is the most velvety soft non greasy serum I have ever used. It leaves skin soft and silky with no residue. Its simply gorgeous!"

"I've been using this serum for a while and my clients RAVE about it!  It's quite unique and so is the Face the World Facial, which takes your client round the world with music and fragrances from each country visited.  Highly recommended."

"I can't say enough about this product - You just have to try it!  Your clients will not stop raving about this serum and you will love it too!"

"I absolutely love this product. Its the loveliest I have ever used! My clients adore it too. Its going to be BIG!"

"This serum leaves your skin feeling so soft and silky all my clients love it!!!"serum-pic2.jpg

"Soooo softening and smoothing and the aroma is delicious! This is probably my fave FTWproduct although it's difficult to single just one out as they are all amazing!"

"Definitely the best serum I have ever come across and the ingredients speak for themselves!!!!" 

"This is my favourite serum of all. Perfect texture on the skin, which is left silky smooth and velvety - and at a price tag that's extremely generous for such an anti-ageing product."

"The serum just glides on and leaves your skin feeling like silk. A little goes a long way which is important in the current climate."

"One bottle will last months - and it even calms the dermatitis on the backs on my hands!!! Miracle stuff - love it."