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FTW Features – Sophie Jewry, Queen of Brand

FTW interviews the brilliant Sophie Jewry…

To kick off our wonderful new series of interviews with the movers and shakers in our Industry, we have none other than Sophie Jewry – founder of the UK Holistic Directory, media8 and most recently, her amazing Brand Kitchen.

Sophie Jewry

Job Role: The Queen of Brand. Helping women in business create an awesome brand, get more productive and achieve a better work/life balance.

 Accolades: Future 50 Young Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2013; Top 50 Business Adviser in the UK 2014; 13 years in the design, print and marketing industry; Mother of a wonderful 15 year old daughter.

Business Summary: I use a combination of coaching techniques (I’m an NLP practitioner) with my 13 years of experience to help clients achieve what they want for their lives and business. Everyone has a different goal and I help them clarify what this is,  create a plan to achieve it and support them along the way.

What is your main Business USP? Being “The Queen of Brand” – I have a combination of over a decade of experience as a designer, mixed with a passion for all things brand plus a holistic approach that focuses on finding a balance that fits each individual. All of this combined with focusing on helping women in business means that I can draw on many different skill sets to provide what my clients need at any given time. Plus I’m slightly obsessed with planning and strategy. I’m on a mission to help female entrepreneurs feel confident about and understand brand and the magical way it can positively impact their businesses.

Who is your ideal client? A woman on a mission to create a successful business who wants to speed up the process through creating a strong brand from the roots up and knows that having a professional by your side can make this happen right first time. I’ve seen first hand the difference it can make on a business when you start with a clear identity and a marketing plan. It really can take years off your time building your audience. A woman who knows that when you have support and accountability you achieve more – and who is serious about creating a profitable business that enables her to enjoy life and spend the time she wants with her loved ones.

Brand Kitchen
How can we get in touch?
The best way to get in touch is to e-mail or to say hello on Social Media:

Fun Facts!!!

When did you last say “I love you”? This morning, to my daughter before she left for school.

What’s your favourite way to unwind? Get in a ridiculously hot bath and stew while reading or listening to a book.

Sophie, mum and daughter
What’s your favourite picture and why?
I have lots of great photos, each holding a memory. This one was taken in one of my favourite places; Holkham Beach in Norfolk. I was with my mum and daughter and on a big dog walk. We had a lovely day and it a ‘living in the moment’ image, taken impulsively and just for fun.


Tell us one unknown fact about yourself: Henry VIII is in my family tree.

Finally – can we winkle out an exclusive offer for our FTW Members Club? Sure thing – how about £50 off the Ultimate Brand course and 25% off the Brand Kitchen Club Membership. 🙂

Yes please! Thank you so much, Sophie. xx