FTW Practitioners of the Year 2016…

Face The World Practitioners Awards 2016 – Meet the Winners!

This has been the closest P.O.T.Y year ever – with by far the highest number of votes cast! A huge well done to everyone who took part and voted and an even bigger THANK YOU. These finalists have been super, haven’t they? As a reminder, our winning practitioners are voted for by their clients, fans and general public from a short-list of our 12 Monthly Winners. So here they are…

We asked each of our FTW Practitioners a set of revealing questions about what makes them tick – and advice for other ambitious therapists who want to grow their business:

1st Place – Hayley – Serenity Touch, Great Moulton, Norwich, Norfolk

Tell us a little bit about you; where are you based and what do you love most about your business?

She says – Wow! in a word is how I felt when I heard that I won the Practitioner of the Year 2016 – so exciting that there aren’t enough words to describe the emotions. It is so humbling to know that so many lovely clients enjoy what they receive and take the time out to vote. I love what I do and to be able to help others when they come into the therapy room is a huge privilege and honour. I have been a Holistic Therapist for 11 years now and work from my therapy room based at home in a village in South Norfolk.

I enjoy seeing a variety of clients with many concerns. I use all the therapies that I offer, which range from physical ones such as massage to energy ones like Reiki. If my clients are feeling more comfortable and in a better place once they leave the therapy room, I have achieved what I wish to do. In nutshell I just love to help others create a better life for themselves, their family and their possible clients.

Who would be my perfect celebrity client? Good question. I would love to have Mother Theresa as a celebrity client as her visions for the world and what we need to be able to offer others was tremendous. A great leader in what will always be needed for others. What she would be able to teach me would be a honour.

To find out more about Hayley or to contact her then please take a look at her website and facebook pages:



What tip would you give others considering starting up in the holistic/beauty industry?

For anyone out there thinking of setting up a business in the holistic therapy field or maybe starting some training I would say go for it! Follow your heart with what you wish to do and achieve. Do some reading and research. Contact local therapists where you are and ask their advice as they will always be willing to talk to you and help. Trust in the Universe and what you need will be there. Know that to be able to help others you need to have a good course that gives the knowledge that you need to help and work on the public. In the long run do what you love and you will excel at it!

2nd Place – Karin – Energise! Therapies, Glasgow

Tell us a little bit about you; where are you based and what do you love most about your business?

I’m based in Cambuslang, just outside Glasgow. I was a lecturer in further education for a number of years, before  leaving to set up Energise Therapies and Training, a VTCT-approved centre. We offer complementary and beauty therapy training, as well as training for teachers, assessors and internal quality assessors. I also volunteer with Carers Caring for Carers, a group of unpaid carers and former carers (I’m a former carer myself). There’s nothing I don’t like about my work! I’m very fortunate to be able to teach subjects I love, and to be able to offer gorgeous treatments in a chilled out atmosphere.

Who would your perfect celebrity client? My husband just said “you like Keith Lemon!” I do, but think he’d be a chaotic client! Can’t really think of a celebrity client – is it cheesy to say all our clients are celebrities to us? Probably, but it’s true!!

To find out more about Karin:

Her Facebook page is at https://www.facebook.com/energisetherapiestraining/, 

and website is www.energisetherapies.net .

Treatments and events can also be booked via https://www.facebook.com/carerscaringforcarers with all profit going to help run the carers unit 

What tip would you give others considering starting up in the holistic/beauty industry?

Don’t just consider it, do it! It really is the best job in the world! 

Joint 3rd Places – Tessa and Angela

Tessa – The Bees Knees, Royston

Tell us a little bit about you; where are you based and what do you love most about your business?

Hi, my name is Tessa and I am the owner of The Bee’s Knees in Royston, Hertfordshire. After 17 years working as an IT consultant in London I decided to to give up life in the rat race to have a family in 2005. Little did I know that the birth of my first daughter would lead me to finding an unexpected calling as a beauty therapist. I’ve known most of my customers for years and they feel like a family to me. We all have ups and downs in our lives, but we all seem to pull through together. I hope that they all realise how much they have helped me through some tough times and I like to think I have been there for them too.

When I found out that I came third in the FTW 2016 practitioner of the year, I was absolutely buzzing (no pun intended lol!) I couldn’t believe how many of my lovely customers had voted for me and what meant more to me than anything was all the wonderful testimonials I received, they truly are very special to me.

Who would your perfect celebrity client? I’m afraid I am not very good with the whole celebrity hero worship, so this has been somewhat of a challenge. If I had to choose anybody it would probably be someone like Sheila Hancock who is a strong and independent lady who has had a tough life but still seems to have  calm and serene presence about her.

To find out more about Tessa:

Her website : www.the-bees-knees.co.uk

or email tessa@the-bees-knees.co.uk 

or via facebook at https://www.facebook.com/thebeeskneesbeauty

What tip would you give others considering starting up in the holistic/beauty industry?

For anybody interested in starting up in the holistic and beauty industry I would say do what you enjoy and be true to yourself and your values. Don’t jump on the latest fads unless it feels right for you. It’s a fantastic industry to be in and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else now.

Angela – Solace Massage, Gravesend

Tell us a little bit about you; where are you based and what do you love most about your business?

My name is Angela and six years ago, I decided that I would like to manage my own business and no longer work for someone else. I took the plunge and formed ‘Solace Massage’, which means comfort, relief and support.  I had previously performed therapy work in another guise, and thought this to be a good career opportunity for myself.  I work from home (Gravesend, Kent) in addition to two days at an Osteopathic health/holistic center. I started my business by obtaining basic qualifications, and over time, have gained several more diplomas – therefore expanding the services I am able offer.

Whilst running my own business, I love the freedom to work whenever I wish, although it has subsequently become so successful, that it now takes a good deal of juggling. I feel very passionate about the services I offer, and studying how to provide assistance for my clients’ conditions.

I felt overwhelmed and proud, of the number and content of the testimonies that I received. I have steadily increased Face the World therapies, undertaken as a treatment on its own and/or incorporated with other massage options, to a point where it is now a significant percentage of my business.

What tip would you give others considering starting up in the holistic/beauty industry?

I would recommend anyone considering such a career, is to start small (less risk) and work hard to build a reputation for personal service, tailored to each individual. Do not overstretch yourself, and be prepared not to make an instant profit, but to continually re-invest in qualifications. I have also found that offering services to charity occasions, also gains clients and reputation. My key words are – hard-work, self-belief, flexibility, and individual personal service.

Who would your perfect celebrity client? My perfect celebrity client would be Helen Mirren.  She is a remarkable person, obviously conscious of her own health and well-being, elegant, energetic, down-to-earth, and seems to be game for anything.

You can find Tessa on FaceBook. She has two pages – one for Solace Massage and the other for  Face The World.

Find out more about Face The World and our award-winning treatments here.