Unique Facial Massage wins Business Award!


Face The World, noted for their amazing Signature Facial Massage, have been voted winners of the newly launched Holistic Business Awards 2013, as promoted by the UK Holistic Directory.

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Celebrate with us… with “2 for 1” or 50% off all our facial and massage training courses and skin care!! Bookings/orders must be made before 20th October 2013!  Read on… offers are at the end…

Face The World® is a UK-wide holistic beauty company that have launched a revolutionary World-first concept for a combined holistic facial massage and beauty treatment. Our methods are so different, we have been granted a UK patent –

… and now, less than 2 years after launch, we are celebrating winning 1st place in the Holistic Business of the Year Awards!Liz Badger, CEO

Face The World is an amazing facial massage treatment that’s designed to nourish the soul as well as the skin. Comprehensive training and a bespoke, premium product range is available to beauty and holistic therapists, spas and salons across the UK.

Unlike other facials, the Face The World patented treatment is designed to take our client on a blissful, sensory ‘Journey’ around the world whilst enjoying the benefits of a results-driven yet fully holistic, paraben-free beauty treatment.

For each stage of the facial massage the products, fragrances, choreographed sequences and bespoke music have been developed specifically and solely for Face The World to each represent one of the five different countries ‘visited’. This gives our clients a hugely believable and beautiful cultural experience. They also have the sheer enjoyment of being pampered spa-style and seeing visible results from the unique quality products.

Face The World product range

The Face The World facial massage lasts one hour and includes a Rain Forest cleanse, unique toning rinses, Australia exfoliation, Tibet acu-massage, neck/shoulder massage, an ‘Ocean Rain’ skin drench mask to further enrich the skin and deeply relax the body and mind, all concluding with a heavenly South Africa moisturise. We then give our clients a sachet of luxurious overnight Skin-Booster Serum, to be applied before bedtime to maximise the facial treatment and extend the pampering!

Mini Global Massage TreatmentsBut there is a further delight in store! During the Ocean Rain skin drench stage, while the skin enjoys deep rehydration, our client is treated to one of three complimentary mini-treatments of their choice for a truly relaxing and multi-cultural experience – an eight-minute Indian Head Massage, Thai Foot Massage or Tibetan Hand Massage. Bliss.

Only therapists trained in the Face The World method are able to provide the treatment to their clients. Training options are available for individual students or groups/practices/spas and are approved by both the Complementary Therapist Association and the Guild of Professional Beauty / Holistic Therapists. All courses come with an inclusive Starter Kit of our premium products, CD, Diploma Certificates, uniform badges, Training Manual, CPD units and laminated crib sheet.

Face The World are also actively looking to expand their team of pioneer practitioners, tutors and skin care stockists across the UK and would love to hear from you. We guarantee we can offer your clients something truly different!

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 Here’s the deal!

All of our facial massage and ‘global’ massage training courses and our premium skin care range are either “2 for 1” or 50% off!!

Training Courses: Our Signature Facial Massage (as above) –

Face The World Signature Facial Massage

INDIVIDUALS: Find another therapist to “buddy up” with – and simply split the cost between you! That’s only a £99.50p + VAT investment each for a world-first treatment in your portfolio, worth 16 CPD Units with the GPBT or 5 Units with the CThA. Both of you need to add coupon code WINNING on check out.

SALONS: For a staggering 50% off (£249.50p saving) – and for up to 6 staff trained in your own premises – just add coupon code WINNING on check out.

Our other lovely half day, global massage courses are also in the ‘2 for 1’ deal! Only £47.50p + VAT per person! These are also suitable for complete beginners (so bring a friend – and both learn a super new skill) –

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Indian Head Massage – both you and your buddy need to quote coupon code WINNING on check out. Only £47.50p + VAT per person!

Thai Foot Massage – both you and your buddy need to quote coupon code WINNING on check out. Only £47.50p + VAT per person!

Tibetan Hand/Arm Massage – both you and your buddy need to quote coupon code WINNING on check out. Only £47.50p + VAT per person!

Eastern Acu-pressure Massage (face) – both you and your buddy need to quote coupon code WINNING on check out. Only £47.50p + VAT per person!

Skin Care: Our beautiful, ethically-sourced, paraben-free products are also in the 50% off celebrations!

Face The World product range

Treat yourself to any of our luxurious skin care products – or even indulge in our gorgeous mini product set so you can try them all! No minimum orders. No catches.

Just add coupon code HD50 on check out – and 50% will be taken off automatically for you. Hurry – only available until 20th October 2013!

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Full details and a ‘virtual facial video’ can be found on our website: www.face-the-world.co.uk or contact us for other training options and Joint Venture possibilities.