All About Facial Cleansing

Benefits of Facial Cleansing – By Rosy Flynn
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Hello Everyone,

Today we are talking about the benefits of facial cleansing in your everyday beauty routine.

Cleansing can sometimes seem a daunting task, especially if you are making your first steps into the exciting world of skincare. The choice is so vast and can appear confusing while you try to figure out what you need or if you really need it at all.


To put it simply, during the day,dirt, grease, grime, make up and pollution build up on your skin, cleansing is exactly as it sounds, cleaning the top layers of your skin and removing the daily build up of toxins.

Traditionally this has been achieved with plain old soap and water, however, soap can often be very drying on the skin. Over time, dryness in the skin can increase the signs of ageing (for example, wrinkles) and thus, more and more of us are realising the benefits of turning to products specially formulated for use on our faces.

As previously mentioned, our skin is under constant attack from daily pollution, oil build up, dirt etc that, without proper cleansing, can build up with dead layers of skin on your face. This can lead to various problems such as acne, irritation, dull skin, clogged pores and the dreaded premature ageing.

Proper cleansing can alleviate this by removing the dead skin cells which, in turn, encourages new cells to grow resulting in a more radiant complexion. Cleansing also loosens the pores which not only helps remove blackheads and clogging, but also prepares the skin for further treatment (in the forms of serums, masks etc) and this is why it is so important to incorporate this step into your daily routine both morning and night (morning to remove the overnight production of sebum which makes us oily, and at night to take off the toxins of the day).

As a general guide –

Skin Type:

Investing in a cleanser tailored to your skin type will ensure you gain the most from your routine and your skin will truly benefit.

Oily Skin:

You are most likely to benefit from a gel based cleanser, these are the best at removing oils from the skin, which is fine if you have an excessive amount of oil but these types of cleanser can be stripping in dryer skin types.

Normal skin:

You can get away with most types of cleanser as you don’t really have any problem areas, but try to stick to cleansers that specify they are for normal skin as overusing products designed for oily or dry skin types (for example) can upset the balance of your own skin.

Dry Skin:

You need to have a gentle, moisturising cleanser, these types of cleanser are often creams, milks and lotions. Ingredients such as hylauronic acid are beneficial as this draws water into the skin and and plumps up dry skin giving you a more healthy, youthful appearance.

Sensitive Skin:

You need to be more careful with the types of cleansers you try, scented products can irritate the skin, as can products with a lot of artificial ingredients. Opt for organic where possible and in particular look for glycerin in the ingredients, this will bring enough moisture but also has no side effects or stripping properties.

Any Skin Type: Now this is all very well, however sometimes you might fall into more than one category (eg, normal with oily t-zone etc) and a skin type specific cleanser might not work for you, or you might want an all round cleanser that you can rely on regardless of bad skin days, and in that case, the best way to go is for a cleanser aimed at all skin types, these cleansers are personally some of my favourites as generally they clean without stripping and deliver enough moisture without leaving you greasy.

Be sure to look for a paraben free formula to avoid skincare nasties and you should be set to a lifetime of great skin.

I hope this has been helpful or just an interesting read. As with many things in life, finding a good cleanser for your skin can involve a little trial and error, your skin shouldn’t feel tight or sore after cleansing, nor should it change your skin type (e.g make a dry skin type shiny and oily or make an oily skin type start seeing dry patches) a cleanser is supposed to work with your skin type not change it.

Bye for now,

Author – Rosy – Sparkles of Light Blog – Click here to read more!