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Seasonal Skin Care Tips – combat the cold!

Look after your skin on cold, windy days…

Wouldn’t we all like dewy, soft skin throughout these Winter months? Perhaps a rosy glow after coming inside from the cold? Sadly the reality of it is, our typical UK weather and dry, indoor heat play havoc with our skin’s natural defences. If left unchecked, the skin can get dry and tight-feeling , which in turn can lead to flaking, cracking and even severe conditions like eczema.

Panic not. Here are 6 great tips to both prevent and treat parched skin. You’ll be back to peachy in no time…

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. Yes, hardly a surprise this is top of the list!

  • Firstly, look out for natural and nourishing ingredients such as oatmeal and shea butter. These bind moisture into the skin. Look out for the word “humectant” i.e. it attracts water to itself.
  • Secondly, move from water-based to oil-based moisturisers as these can help lock in any moisture whilst forming a protective layer. The most potent of such products are serums. Choose natural ones based on plant oils.
  • Thirdly, apply sunscreen – especially on sunny days or when you know you’ll be outdoors. Stressed skin is more prone to UV damage and Winter rays can still be significant. Don’t forget your lips with a slick of balm containing a UV filter.

A helping hand. Get the gloves out! You’d be amazed how many of us don’t bother, yet the thinner skin on the backs of our hands ages and dries faster than anywhere else. Make sure you slather on a rich hand cream, certainly after your hands have been wet and ideally overnight too. Go for a moisturising soap-free hand wash.

Humidity rules. Keeping our environment warm enough is essential – from central heating to log fires to heaters in the car. All massively deplete moisture in the air. Humidifiers don’t have to be the expensive plug-in versions though. Radiator hangers come from as little as £3 each on e-bay! You fill these with water and hang on the side of your radiator to evaporate. Add a few drops of your favourite aromatherapy oil too.

Buffer up.
We still need to help the skin shed dead cells during the Winter months. By sloughing off dead skin, not only is it easier for products to penetrate, we encourage new skin renewal from underneath. Choose gentle, natural scrubs; only lightly pat the skin dry; and apply your moisturiser/serum straight away. This helps keep moisture and active ingredients locked in place.

Keep your cool. As tempting as it is to run a super-hot bath/shower when feeling the chill, this is one of the worst things you can do for your skin! The outermost layer, the stratum corneum, is made up of cells loaded with keratin and lipids. Together they form a protective barrier against the environment. Intense heat plus typical foaming products will strip this essential layer away. Lukewarm water is best.

Treat yourself to a facial. Seeking the expertise of a skilled facialist will be worth every penny. Ask for a facial that includes a massage stage, an exfoliation and a moisturiser as a minimum. A good massage will encourage circulation, heat cold muscles, drain away toxins, aid healing, de-stress you – and ultimately it’s dedicated “me time” that every single one of us deserves.

Winter self-care is very important – especially for our skin which is after all the bodies largest organ. So look after yourself, keep warm and we’ll see you again in Spring!

Feel free to try our ethically-sourced, gentle skin care products. Our Welcome Store is right here.



How to Give Yourself a Stress-Busting Facial

D.I.Y Facial Massage – here’s how!

Relaxed and Happy - Facial Massage


Oh yes. Even the most zenned out holistic professionals among us have found themselves frowning from time to time, or struggled through a hectic schedule to end the day with a clenched jaw or a headache! We may not always realise how much tension we hold in our facial muscles… and how wonderful it is to have this tension relieved.

The face has no fewer than 42 muscles, all 12 meridian channels of the body can be accessed via the face, the facial nerve has over 10,000 neurons of which 7000 control facial expression and there are 6 lymph nodes that filter and clean the facial lymphatic fluid of toxins, germs and destroy foreign cells such as cancer.

That means that not only will a professional facial massage relieve muscular and nervous stress, the right moves can also energise and rebalance Chi, cleanse the upper dermis of toxic build-up, brighten dull skin – and if you add the benefits of aromatherapy, hydrating lotions and even music, you take it to yet another level.

So can you do any of this to yourself? Of course!

As you can imagine, there’s a multitude of methods and teachings out there (if time, do have a look at the benefits of Eastern Acupressure Facials) – so here’s the basic low-down on some simple moves that will help melt that stress away – in just 10 minutes. Make sure your hands and face are thoroughly clean first and ideally use a massage product so your fingers will glide on the skin and not pull it. Breathe deeply and let yourself relax…

The “Shampoo” Soother (2 mins)Shampoo soother - Facial Massage

A move often used in Indian Head Massage, simply use your fingers to massage all over your scalp, as if shampooing your hair – but nice and slow. Press firmly enough to feel your scalp moving and make sure you cover the areas around the ears, temples and back of the neck where a lot of tension is stored. If your hair is long enough, also pull it firmly as you go to encourage blood flow.


Brow buster - Facial MassageThe Brow-Buster (2 mins)

Using the index or middle finger of each hand, place both fingers in the centre of your forehead, one higher up the forehead than the other. Press firmly, then simply slide the lower finger and higher finger away from each other towards the ears and then swap their positions (high to low and low to high) in a zig-zag movement. Repeat these zig-zags all over the forehead, especially in the “frown zone”. Keep it nice and slow.

Eye Socket Pinch (2 mins).Eye Pinch - Facial Massage

Use the thumb and middle finger of each hand and literally pinch the skin whilst pressing down all around the eye socket. Avoid the delicate skin immediately around the eyes. Start between the brows and slowly and firmly pinch until you have a pressure you are comfortable with. Move around the eyebrows, pinching as you go – and underneath the eyes too. Repeat the circuit for 2 mins and finish off with some slow, smooth circles around the eye sockets, just using your middle finger.

Jaw dropper - Facial MassageJaw Dropper (1 min).

Using all of your fingers on both hands like paddles, make broad, circular sweeps along the jaw line from the ears to the chin and back again. Massage over the cheeks and jowl areas too to get rid of any tension and encourage blood flow.

Touch (2 mins).Temple Touch - Facial Massage

We all know this one, because it does work – and quickly. Find the deepest point in the depression of the temples. Place two fingers on this and simply press firmly for 2 minutes. You can use slow, circular moves here if you prefer. Focus on your breathing and relax.


Ear Pull - Facial MassageEar Massage and Pull (1 min).

Using the thumb and index finger of both hands, slowly and gently massage along the outer rim of the ear from lobe to top and back again – pulling the ear gently away from the head at the same time. To finish, pull the ear lobe down and away from the face and hold for 30 seconds.


Once completed, drop your hands and arms into your lap if seated or by your sides if lying down and relax for a few moments.

Want some more advanced techniques? Click here to read more!

Don’t Forget! – TWO STUDENTS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE – Face The World Signature Facial.

Split the reduced price between two – so only £99 + VAT per student (RRP £249 + VAT per student).

Click the link below for more details on this offer!



Benefits of Facial Acupressure

Eastern Facial Acupressure – so many benefits!

Did you know?Eastern Acupressure - Face The World

…that the ancient Chinese treatment of acupressure has been practiced and perfected for over 5000 years? In simple terms, it was discovered that by pressing certain points of the body, pain or disease were alleviated – and often in regions of the body remote from the pain or pressure point!

Facial acupressure can be performed by a massage therapist or other certified professional, or a person can perform it on his or her own face once trained in what to do.

By pressing certain meridian/reflex points in the face, not only are there benefits to the facial area but for the whole body – a great bonus:

For the face…

  • Improvement of muscular tone and facial contours, including the area between the nose and mouth (specifically a problem for smokers)
  • Stimulation of circulation and nutrient flow to the facial skin
  • Promotes an effective lymphatic flow and removal of toxins
  • Glowing and healthier-looking complexion due to improved skin oxygen levels
  • Soothing of forehead wrinkles, creases between the brows and ‘crows feet’
  • Alleviation of sinus problems and improvement of air flow – may help tinnatus
  • Reduction of puffiness around the eyes, nose bleeds and eye strain
  • Reduction of facial spasms, tics and nervous twitches

Meditating LadyFor the body…

  • Balancing energy levels and general flow of Chi
  • Eases stress and feelings of anxiety
  • Improved sleep and feeling of well-being
  • Correction of hunger and appetite issues
  • Reduction in pain associated with toothache and migraine
  • May help to prevent hair loss

There’s more!

Just imagine… you can enhance all of the above facial acupressure benefits even further with the inclusion of beautiful, relevant music therapy and aromatherapy – making it a truly memorable and unique experience for your clients. That is where Face The World adds so much extra value and helps you stand out from the crowd!

Add-on CDsWe have workshops suitable for professionals (for CPD) and beginners (as a hobby) alike – all over the UK.Our price is inclusive of a starter kit per student which contains a ‘start-up duo’ FTW cleanser and massage crème (for your first 5 treatments, unique FTW “China” CD and your CPD Diploma or Certificate of Attendance as needed. We will train on a one-to-one basis so courses are never cancelled!


Find your nearest regional tutor and more information by clicking HERE or contacting us at info@face-the-world.co.uk or 0845 544 1555.

Successful College Staff CPD Day

FTW Signature Facial – CPD for Bishop Auckland College

We’re so pleased to bring you another first for Face The World! Following on from our hugely successful Thai Foot Massage CPD Days at Andover College, Hampshire and Blackburn College, Lancashire – Face The World have delivered our very first staff CPD day in our award-winning and patented Signature Facial Course!Staff at Bishop Auckland College

The day was arranged via college lead Adelle Garnett and Face The World’s Liz Badger to suit the college’s requirements. Specialist FTW tutor Gwyn Featonby, also Director of the Seven Wellbeing Centre at Butterwick Hospice, Stockton-on-Tees, ran the day for Face The World.

Mini Thai Foot Massage
Staff received the full 1 day course, exactly as delivered privately – meaning they finished the day as fully-qualified and insurable Face The World Facial Practitioners. As well as the multi-sensory, choreographed routine, they were also taught the three mini global massage sequences for during the Ocean Rain Mask stage of the facial: Thai Foot (as seen here), Indian Head and Tibetan Hand Massages. The client can choose which mini treatment they want whilst the mask sets to work.


FTW Training Manual
Each member of staff received a CPD Diploma Certificate (as accredited by The Guild and approved by the CThA and PEP), bespoke FTW CD, 28-page Training Manual, laminated crib sheet, enamel uniform badge and a mini product set of Face The World skin care (enough for 3 to 5 facial treatments). Those who wished it also received trade access to the FTW Store and added to the monthly e-Newsletter.

Says Adelle – “The course was brilliant and we were all so chilled out! We loved the facial – and equally your FTW skincare products. We all want trade access please.”

We now have an even better offering – including training you to run your own Face The World one and half day courses in house! Take a look here –


Pre-Wedding Facial Massage

Pre-Wedding Facial Massage – Guest Blog by Amy Bryant

So. It’s three weeks until the big day and you look in the mirror. To your absolute horror you see fine lines, wrinkles and flaky skin like you have never seen before. All of that wedding planning stress has taken its toll and you need a quick fix. You need some revitalisation and you need it quick. But who and where do you turn to?

Pre wedding facial
The answer is – a facial.

I don’t have time for that’ I hear you sigh. But are you aware of what facials can do for you? Do you have regular facials? Are you using the right products for your age and skin type? Well if are unsure of the answers to these questions then it’s time to read below!


You might have your eyes popping when you look through the salon menu and are seeing the prices of their different facials (they really do vary!) and thinking how the hell is this going to fit into my wedding budget? But trust me, a facial is extremely beneficial and you don’t always need to spend a fortune to see the benefits. Especially when there’s only a couple of weeks to go.

ExfoliateYour facial is likely to begin with a cleanse to prepare your skin for an exfoliation. This will prime your skin ready for a flawless make-up application by removing dead skin cells that are giving you the dull, flaky appearance. It will also prepare for those lines and wrinkles to be pumped full of nutrients.

We then get onto the massage. Not only will it send you into a dreamy slumber, relaxing your muscles from the weight of the wedding planning, it will also pump your blood around your face, bringing nutrients and oxygen to the area. This will reduce puffiness, plump those fine lines and can strengthen the facial muscles. It will also aid hydration so once you wake up from your slumber you really will have fab, wedding worthy skin. Hooray! Face MaskThe facial is also likely to include a mask, which can do anything from remove impurities, hydrate or reduce fine lines.

And as if that wasn’t enough, another important part to the facial is the therapist using recommended products for your skin type. I would hope that they would use a serum, a day cream including SPF so your skin is protected, a night cream and an eye cream or gel to help waken those eyes and lessen those bags.

FTW SerumThe main two products that you should throw your budget out of the window for are the serum and the night cream. Now, of course each brand is different but generally speaking these work their best when used at night as this is when your skin repairs itself. They will be nutrient rich which will aid collagen and elastin production. Say hello to a tight, fresh, youthful look! The overnight serum will also take things a step further and penetrate the layers of the skin to hydrate you even more.

So. If you have looked in the mirror and feel some emergency repairs coming on then keep calm and book a facial!


Author: Amy Bryant – Shore Beauty. Click here to see her website and client services.

FTW Practitioners of The Year 2014/15…

Introducing our 3 amazing holistic/beauty therapist winners –

Our 2014/15 Practitioner of the Year Award was, again, a hugely popular event attracting literally 100’s of loyal clients, fans and followers to cast their votes for their winner. It gives us great pleasure to reveal our winner and two runners up in more detail.

Winner 2014/15 – Zoe Warner

Zoe WarnerAfter time spent travelling the world and living in Australia , Germany and Cyprus to name a view, as well as various UK locations whilst her husband was in the armed forces, Zoe has now settled in the gorgeous county of Gloucestershire .  This is (for now) the place she calls home after her husband was medically discharged due to injuries he suffered from a roadside explosion. This lead her to start up the Therapies4Forces project.  Its main aim is to provide free treatments to injured veterans and their families – and it has gone from being just Zoe to over 200 therapist volunteers throughout the UK.

When she’s not being a wife, mother of 6 children or grandmother, she also runs Vanilla Moon Holistic and Beauty treatments in Stroud – from her luxury, custom built cabin or a full mobile service.  Pamper and Relax Us is also under her control and is a mobile pop up for spa treatments and therapies. The treatments she offers not only make people feel and look good on the outside but also from the inside – and that can make all the difference.

Zoe at her various awards

She has won previous awards, including the Excellence in Practice FHT Awards and the VQ Winner of the South West, which are judged by a panel.

Zoe says: “The FTW Practitioner of the Year Award was made that extra special because it was voted by my clients and their lovely testimonials did make me shed a tear or two.  It was very touching to know that people thought such lovely things about me and makes what I do all the more rewarding.”

“The most important tip I would like to pass onto anyone who is new to the industry is always look after your clients: remember their birthdays and anniversaries; how they have their tea; enquire about their family; ask about the doctor’s appointment they mentioned the last time they were in; how they are getting on with their new hobby.  From the moment they walk through the door make them feel special and not just another client in the appointment book. If you are passionate about a treatment and a client can see that then they are more than likely to share your passion too.”

T4F LogoDetails of Zoes’ businesses and the treatments she offers are found at the following web addresses:
·        www.vanillamoon.biz
·        www.pamperandrelax.us

 2nd Place – Hayley Pearson

Hayley PearsonHayley is a Complementary Therapist based in a small village called Great Moulton in South Norfolk. She has been practising for 8 years and offers a variety of therapies that range from bodywork to energy based treatments. She trained in her various therapies after suffering ill health after the birth of her children. The therapies she tried helped her so much, she decided to retrain and so help other people who may be suffering similar issues.

Hayley says: “I love what I do and to be able to have someone come into my therapy room feeling stressed and in pain and then leave with a smile on their face feeling better than they did when they arrived, is a wonderful feeling and makes work not difficult to want to do!”

“The tip I would give anyone considering starting up in this business is to follow your heart. You need to love what you do and enjoy helping others. Any therapist you meet will always wish to help you on your journey and there is no competitiveness from anyone as everyone needs advice and help when starting out.”

Her perfect client would be someone who hasn’t experienced complementary therapies before – whether the bodywork ones like massage, the relaxing ones such as the Face the World Holistic Facial, or Reiki – and to be able to show them how they can help with the relaxing and switching off of the mind which will then help allow the body to feel less tense and tight.

To find out more about what Hayley does, please take a look at www.serenityouch.co.uk where you will find all the therapies she offers along with the Face the World courses and Reiki courses that she teaches.

Serenity TouchTo book a treatment or to find out about the courses Hayley offers, you can also email her on Hayley@serenitytouch.co.uk or give her a ring on 01379 674135 / 07940287747

 3rd Place – Vicki Rayner

Vicki RaynerVicki started her career in retail , working within the premium brand cosmetic business. She spent five years in the beauty trade before moving on to become the manager of a luxury boutique. However, holistic therapies have always been something Vicki enjoyed and interested in – so much so that she went to study at the Norwich Academy of Holistic Therapies. Vicki qualified with distinction to become a member of the Guild of Holistic Therapies.

Holistic treatments are something she’s always enjoyed – and felt for a long time that there was a particular niche which had not been filled: a treatment room set deep within the heart of the peaceful Norfolk countryside where clients can feel welcomed, relaxed and rejuvenated by their visit.

The Lavender Room is Located at Low Farm Barns, set within a country estate. What better place to discover the serenity that should be the foundation of holistic therapy, this whole package being the reason she loves her job so much!

Vicki says: “I really do feel that I not only fully satisfy my clients by giving them 110%, but every day is a pleasurable, fulfilling journey for myself. I felt honoured to take 3rd place, behind two incredible ladies that I look up to. It was fantastic. I think there was a little bit of screaming going on!”

“My journey into the world of Holistic therapies as been a life changing one, one that was decided for me by a run of life changing personal situations. Leaving a job I loved with an amazing company was one of the hardest things I have ever done, however I see now that it was all for a reason. My life is so fulfilled, satisfying and forever evolving. Having just launched from my wonderful new treatment room, I can also confirm it’s very hard work but worth every moment. If you are thinking of a career in this business, simply follow your dreams.”

Lavender Room NorfolkHave a browse of Vicki’s website at www.thelavenderroomnorfolk.co.uk  or feel free to call me on 07792 297545.

Competition Winner Becomes a UK First!

When Holistic Therapist Magazine randomly picked a winner from their autumn 2014 competition, little did they know they were about to create a piece of history. For the winner, professional massage therapist Trevor Frost of Corpus et Animus in Hertfordshire, was about to become the first male practitioner of the unique Face The World choreographed facial massage.

Trevor and Lauren

Trevor receives his Diploma from FTW Tutor, Lauren.

Trevor successfully attended the next training day in his region, held in the Holistic Training Courses centre in Hatfield on 12th January. He joined fellow students, Carolynn Binnie, Claire Wild and Kirsti Johns to literally get to grips with the patented facial “routine.” The Face The World holistic facial incorporates music therapy, aromatherapy, massage techniques and natural, ethical products – taking clients on a memorable virtual journey around the world.


The advanced one day course, aimed at professional therapists, covered all aspects of a facial from cleansing the skin to acu-pressure of the facial meridian points. Some mini Thai Foot, Tibetan Hand/Arm and Indian Head massage techniques were also taught for during the Ocean Rain Mask stage. To round off the experience, a sachet of overnight serum is given to the client to take home.

Some gentle stretches prior to the Eastern Acu-pressure stage of the facial.

Some gentle stretches prior to the Eastern Acu-pressure stage of the facial.


Trevor says of his win “Thank you for a super course yesterday. I really enjoyed learning some new skills, and also being able to use some of my current skills in a different way. The whole package is excellent and the music enhances the treatment so much more.”



Trevor applies the Ocean Rain mask cloth using tapotement “raindrops”.

Trevor applies the Ocean Rain mask cloth using tapotement “raindrops”.

To find out more about the facial, watch our Virtual Facial movie (Flash Player needed) https://www.face-the-world.co.uk/pages/Virtual-Facial.html – or call Liz on 0845 544155 (liz@face-the-world.co.uk) for the latest offers and training dates.

In the Hertfordshire/Bedfordshire border region? You can book your multi-sensory Face The World Facial with Trevor by contacting him at info@corpustherapies.co.uk or on 07428 590511.


All About Facial Cleansing

Benefits of Facial Cleansing – By Rosy Flynn
We’re so pleased to introduce our very first guest blog!!

Hello Everyone,

Today we are talking about the benefits of facial cleansing in your everyday beauty routine.

Cleansing can sometimes seem a daunting task, especially if you are making your first steps into the exciting world of skincare. The choice is so vast and can appear confusing while you try to figure out what you need or if you really need it at all.


To put it simply, during the day,dirt, grease, grime, make up and pollution build up on your skin, cleansing is exactly as it sounds, cleaning the top layers of your skin and removing the daily build up of toxins.

Traditionally this has been achieved with plain old soap and water, however, soap can often be very drying on the skin. Over time, dryness in the skin can increase the signs of ageing (for example, wrinkles) and thus, more and more of us are realising the benefits of turning to products specially formulated for use on our faces.

As previously mentioned, our skin is under constant attack from daily pollution, oil build up, dirt etc that, without proper cleansing, can build up with dead layers of skin on your face. This can lead to various problems such as acne, irritation, dull skin, clogged pores and the dreaded premature ageing.

Proper cleansing can alleviate this by removing the dead skin cells which, in turn, encourages new cells to grow resulting in a more radiant complexion. Cleansing also loosens the pores which not only helps remove blackheads and clogging, but also prepares the skin for further treatment (in the forms of serums, masks etc) and this is why it is so important to incorporate this step into your daily routine both morning and night (morning to remove the overnight production of sebum which makes us oily, and at night to take off the toxins of the day).

As a general guide –

Skin Type:

Investing in a cleanser tailored to your skin type will ensure you gain the most from your routine and your skin will truly benefit.

Oily Skin:

You are most likely to benefit from a gel based cleanser, these are the best at removing oils from the skin, which is fine if you have an excessive amount of oil but these types of cleanser can be stripping in dryer skin types.

Normal skin:

You can get away with most types of cleanser as you don’t really have any problem areas, but try to stick to cleansers that specify they are for normal skin as overusing products designed for oily or dry skin types (for example) can upset the balance of your own skin.

Dry Skin:

You need to have a gentle, moisturising cleanser, these types of cleanser are often creams, milks and lotions. Ingredients such as hylauronic acid are beneficial as this draws water into the skin and and plumps up dry skin giving you a more healthy, youthful appearance.

Sensitive Skin:

You need to be more careful with the types of cleansers you try, scented products can irritate the skin, as can products with a lot of artificial ingredients. Opt for organic where possible and in particular look for glycerin in the ingredients, this will bring enough moisture but also has no side effects or stripping properties.

Any Skin Type: Now this is all very well, however sometimes you might fall into more than one category (eg, normal with oily t-zone etc) and a skin type specific cleanser might not work for you, or you might want an all round cleanser that you can rely on regardless of bad skin days, and in that case, the best way to go is for a cleanser aimed at all skin types, these cleansers are personally some of my favourites as generally they clean without stripping and deliver enough moisture without leaving you greasy.

Be sure to look for a paraben free formula to avoid skincare nasties and you should be set to a lifetime of great skin.

I hope this has been helpful or just an interesting read. As with many things in life, finding a good cleanser for your skin can involve a little trial and error, your skin shouldn’t feel tight or sore after cleansing, nor should it change your skin type (e.g make a dry skin type shiny and oily or make an oily skin type start seeing dry patches) a cleanser is supposed to work with your skin type not change it.

Bye for now,

Author – Rosy – Sparkles of Light Blog – Click here to read more!


Face The World Holistic Facial Experience

My Face The World Facial…

By Cindy B

What do I know? Face The World is a lovely holistic facial experience designed to take you on a virtual journey around the world. This exciting facial treatment is cleverly choreographed to music from around the globe, and every product used or sound you hear reflects the country you are visiting. The gorgeous aromas and textures of products and blissful music tantalise your senses of smell, touch and hearing and you truly believe that you are on holiday in paradise!

Face The World products are unique as they are suitable for all skin types whilst delivering premium quality treatment without parabens and are cruelty-free. This amazing patented treatment is a holistic experience designed to pamper your senses and enlighten your soul.

Here’s my “Journey”…

The Face The World Journey began in the Rain forest with the sounds of beautiful birdsong, haunting pipes and marimba filling the room. I was treated to a refreshing deep cleanse as the therapist’s soothing and fluid hand movements massaged the cleansing milk into the face, neck and décolletage. The fresh scent of peppermint, orange flower and galbanum (an aromatic gum resin) stimulated the senses as daily pollutants, toxins and makeup were lifted away from my skin. The cleanser was removed with warm mitts, soaked in a specially formulated toner concentrate containing witch hazel and aloe vera. All products are removed in this manner to ensure I experienced the full benefit of the next product.


The next phase of the Journey harnessed ancient Eastern techniques to create a pressure point facial massage that worked on the Chakras throughout the body. I was transported to Tibet and felt my body enter a deep state of relaxation whilst listening to bamboo flutes and Tibetan singing bowls. The aromas of patchouli and nutmeg enveloped my senses as I was also treated to a soothing neck and shoulder massage. This is a very indulgent experience and I found it difficult to stay awake.

My next stop was Australia, as the deep vibrations of Aboriginal music and the rejuvenating aromas of eucalyptus, bergamot and tonka bean calmed my mind. This skin-friendly gel scrub combined both physical and chemical exfoliation. Ground rosehip seeds provided mild abrasion whilst a gentle pumpkin enzyme rid the skin of dead cells.


The next step of this exciting journey featured an Ocean Rain skin drench. The sound of raindrops and crashing waves filled the room while I felt the cool pattering fingertips of the therapist as a hydrating marine mask was applied to my face. The stimulating Chlorella in the mask helps to firm and tone the skin, while aloe vera gel and lavender oil heals and repairs the skin. While my troubles floated away on the ocean waves, I was treated to a complementary mini-treatment of my choice. You can choose between an Indian Head Massage, Thai Foot Massage or Tibetan Hand Massage. This was sheer indulgence and I was in a state of bliss with my Indian Head Massage.

The final leg of the Journey took me on a safari trip to South Africa where I was treated to the soulful native choral singing and inhaled the sweet aromas of violets, lily of the valley and rose. A light moisturiser containing sodium hyaluronate and vitamin E was massaged gently into my skin. This nourished and hydrated the skin making it feel incredibly soft and smooth.


To end this amazing experience, the therapist gave me a sachet of luxurious Overnight Skin-Booster Serum with instructions to apply before bedtime to maximize the effects of the facial treatment and extend the pampering experience. It was a truly incredible experience and I was sorry to end my ‘Journey’. My skin felt clean, refreshed and nourished and I felt enlightened and rejuvenated. I would thoroughly recommend the Face The World Holistic Facial Experience to everyone. It would be a perfect treat to pamper someone special or simply escape from the stress of daily life on a virtual holiday.