Pre-Wedding Facial Massage

Pre-Wedding Facial Massage – Guest Blog by Amy Bryant

So. It’s three weeks until the big day and you look in the mirror. To your absolute horror you see fine lines, wrinkles and flaky skin like you have never seen before. All of that wedding planning stress has taken its toll and you need a quick fix. You need some revitalisation and you need it quick. But who and where do you turn to?

Pre wedding facial
The answer is – a facial.

I don’t have time for that’ I hear you sigh. But are you aware of what facials can do for you? Do you have regular facials? Are you using the right products for your age and skin type? Well if are unsure of the answers to these questions then it’s time to read below!


You might have your eyes popping when you look through the salon menu and are seeing the prices of their different facials (they really do vary!) and thinking how the hell is this going to fit into my wedding budget? But trust me, a facial is extremely beneficial and you don’t always need to spend a fortune to see the benefits. Especially when there’s only a couple of weeks to go.

ExfoliateYour facial is likely to begin with a cleanse to prepare your skin for an exfoliation. This will prime your skin ready for a flawless make-up application by removing dead skin cells that are giving you the dull, flaky appearance. It will also prepare for those lines and wrinkles to be pumped full of nutrients.

We then get onto the massage. Not only will it send you into a dreamy slumber, relaxing your muscles from the weight of the wedding planning, it will also pump your blood around your face, bringing nutrients and oxygen to the area. This will reduce puffiness, plump those fine lines and can strengthen the facial muscles. It will also aid hydration so once you wake up from your slumber you really will have fab, wedding worthy skin. Hooray! Face MaskThe facial is also likely to include a mask, which can do anything from remove impurities, hydrate or reduce fine lines.

And as if that wasn’t enough, another important part to the facial is the therapist using recommended products for your skin type. I would hope that they would use a serum, a day cream including SPF so your skin is protected, a night cream and an eye cream or gel to help waken those eyes and lessen those bags.

FTW SerumThe main two products that you should throw your budget out of the window for are the serum and the night cream. Now, of course each brand is different but generally speaking these work their best when used at night as this is when your skin repairs itself. They will be nutrient rich which will aid collagen and elastin production. Say hello to a tight, fresh, youthful look! The overnight serum will also take things a step further and penetrate the layers of the skin to hydrate you even more.

So. If you have looked in the mirror and feel some emergency repairs coming on then keep calm and book a facial!


Author: Amy Bryant – Shore Beauty. Click here to see her website and client services.