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Competition Winner Becomes a UK First!

When Holistic Therapist Magazine randomly picked a winner from their autumn 2014 competition, little did they know they were about to create a piece of history. For the winner, professional massage therapist Trevor Frost of Corpus et Animus in Hertfordshire, was about to become the first male practitioner of the unique Face The World choreographed facial massage.

Trevor and Lauren

Trevor receives his Diploma from FTW Tutor, Lauren.

Trevor successfully attended the next training day in his region, held in the Holistic Training Courses centre in Hatfield on 12th January. He joined fellow students, Carolynn Binnie, Claire Wild and Kirsti Johns to literally get to grips with the patented facial “routine.” The Face The World holistic facial incorporates music therapy, aromatherapy, massage techniques and natural, ethical products – taking clients on a memorable virtual journey around the world.


The advanced one day course, aimed at professional therapists, covered all aspects of a facial from cleansing the skin to acu-pressure of the facial meridian points. Some mini Thai Foot, Tibetan Hand/Arm and Indian Head massage techniques were also taught for during the Ocean Rain Mask stage. To round off the experience, a sachet of overnight serum is given to the client to take home.

Some gentle stretches prior to the Eastern Acu-pressure stage of the facial.

Some gentle stretches prior to the Eastern Acu-pressure stage of the facial.


Trevor says of his win “Thank you for a super course yesterday. I really enjoyed learning some new skills, and also being able to use some of my current skills in a different way. The whole package is excellent and the music enhances the treatment so much more.”



Trevor applies the Ocean Rain mask cloth using tapotement “raindrops”.

Trevor applies the Ocean Rain mask cloth using tapotement “raindrops”.

To find out more about the facial, watch our Virtual Facial movie (Flash Player needed) https://www.face-the-world.co.uk/pages/Virtual-Facial.html – or call Liz on 0845 544155 (liz@face-the-world.co.uk) for the latest offers and training dates.

In the Hertfordshire/Bedfordshire border region? You can book your multi-sensory Face The World Facial with Trevor by contacting him at info@corpustherapies.co.uk or on 07428 590511.


Fabulous Facials on Wandsworth Bridge Road

Fabulous Facials on Wandsworth Bridge Road

Have a read of this GREAT new Blog by the super South West Six in Fulham, London –
Usually, walking through the doors of the dentist fills me with dread. But last week, making my way into Fulham dental surgery, Karma, I felt anything but.

Tucked away at the top, above all the drills and general horror that goes along with a trip to the tooth doctor, is a very different experience indeed.

A real hidden gem amongst the more obvious beauty salons and treatment rooms dotted along the Wandsworth Bridge Road, Karma Well-Being  offers a wide range of fabulous treatments at highly competitive prices.

The incredibly charming and friendly Ellie Blair, who works her magic providing all sorts of treatments from Swedish Massage to Reiki, invited me along to try a brand new kind of facial: Face the World.

Unlike more traditional facial treatments, Face the World incorporates music and massage from all corners of the globe, providing you with a holistic experience that really revitalises. From a cleanse and tone inspired by the rainforest, to a neck and shoulder massage using Tibetan pressure points, this treatment really is unique.

The founders of the Face the World have come up with their own range of delicious smelling products to go along with the treatment, ensuring you leave feeling fresh faced and relaxed.

Ellie really is a fantastic therapist, and I left the little treatment room with a face smoother than a baby’s bottom, and feeling truly zenned out. Plus, with a complimentary 8 minute mini-treatment and neck & shoulder massage incorporated, I felt well and truly pampered.

At £35 for an hour, this treatment is really fantastic value.

As well as the Face the World facial treatment, Karma Well-Being also offers:

Swedish Full Body Massage (60 min) -£40
Reiki (30  min – 1st and 2nd degree) – £35
Head/Neck/Shoulder Stress Reliver (30 min) – £25
Kansa Vatki Ayurvedic Foot and Leg Massage (45 min) – £35

I’ll be booking in for a full body massage for Ellie to work her magic as an Easter treat!

Karma Well-Being
c/o Karma Dental Care
144 Wandsworth Bridge Road

0207 736 0876


Face The World Holistic Facial Experience

My Face The World Facial…

By Cindy B

What do I know? Face The World is a lovely holistic facial experience designed to take you on a virtual journey around the world. This exciting facial treatment is cleverly choreographed to music from around the globe, and every product used or sound you hear reflects the country you are visiting. The gorgeous aromas and textures of products and blissful music tantalise your senses of smell, touch and hearing and you truly believe that you are on holiday in paradise!

Face The World products are unique as they are suitable for all skin types whilst delivering premium quality treatment without parabens and are cruelty-free. This amazing patented treatment is a holistic experience designed to pamper your senses and enlighten your soul.

Here’s my “Journey”…

The Face The World Journey began in the Rain forest with the sounds of beautiful birdsong, haunting pipes and marimba filling the room. I was treated to a refreshing deep cleanse as the therapist’s soothing and fluid hand movements massaged the cleansing milk into the face, neck and décolletage. The fresh scent of peppermint, orange flower and galbanum (an aromatic gum resin) stimulated the senses as daily pollutants, toxins and makeup were lifted away from my skin. The cleanser was removed with warm mitts, soaked in a specially formulated toner concentrate containing witch hazel and aloe vera. All products are removed in this manner to ensure I experienced the full benefit of the next product.


The next phase of the Journey harnessed ancient Eastern techniques to create a pressure point facial massage that worked on the Chakras throughout the body. I was transported to Tibet and felt my body enter a deep state of relaxation whilst listening to bamboo flutes and Tibetan singing bowls. The aromas of patchouli and nutmeg enveloped my senses as I was also treated to a soothing neck and shoulder massage. This is a very indulgent experience and I found it difficult to stay awake.

My next stop was Australia, as the deep vibrations of Aboriginal music and the rejuvenating aromas of eucalyptus, bergamot and tonka bean calmed my mind. This skin-friendly gel scrub combined both physical and chemical exfoliation. Ground rosehip seeds provided mild abrasion whilst a gentle pumpkin enzyme rid the skin of dead cells.


The next step of this exciting journey featured an Ocean Rain skin drench. The sound of raindrops and crashing waves filled the room while I felt the cool pattering fingertips of the therapist as a hydrating marine mask was applied to my face. The stimulating Chlorella in the mask helps to firm and tone the skin, while aloe vera gel and lavender oil heals and repairs the skin. While my troubles floated away on the ocean waves, I was treated to a complementary mini-treatment of my choice. You can choose between an Indian Head Massage, Thai Foot Massage or Tibetan Hand Massage. This was sheer indulgence and I was in a state of bliss with my Indian Head Massage.

The final leg of the Journey took me on a safari trip to South Africa where I was treated to the soulful native choral singing and inhaled the sweet aromas of violets, lily of the valley and rose. A light moisturiser containing sodium hyaluronate and vitamin E was massaged gently into my skin. This nourished and hydrated the skin making it feel incredibly soft and smooth.


To end this amazing experience, the therapist gave me a sachet of luxurious Overnight Skin-Booster Serum with instructions to apply before bedtime to maximize the effects of the facial treatment and extend the pampering experience. It was a truly incredible experience and I was sorry to end my ‘Journey’. My skin felt clean, refreshed and nourished and I felt enlightened and rejuvenated. I would thoroughly recommend the Face The World Holistic Facial Experience to everyone. It would be a perfect treat to pamper someone special or simply escape from the stress of daily life on a virtual holiday.