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Hand Care Top Tips!

We’ve Got The Whole World in Our Hands… All The More Reason to look after them…

Hand care is a topic that affects every single one of us whether therapists or not.hand care

The Basics: Your hands are a vital tool for interacting with the world around you. As a guide, we all have 27 bones and 29 joints in each hand, along with at least 123 ligaments, 34 muscles, 30 arteries and 48 major nerves that branch into a more sensitive neural link between the fingertips and the brain than from the eyes. Imagine that!

But it’s not just about the power of touch here – it goes much deeper. Who can tick any of the following as an important part of their business and/or home lives

• Keeping their hands clean and/or soft
• Keeping nails short or well manicured/presented
• A confident handshake to reassure a new client
• Reiki healing or energetic exchange
• Using a keyboard/tablet/mobile
• The need for strong, steady and/or warm hands
• Handling jars, bottles or equipment with repeated usage (hygiene)
• Last but not least, massage or hands-on techniques (when allowed)?

Yes. The health and longevity of our hands is essential. So here goes with upping the self-care…

Firstly, on the outside. The necessity of constant washing/sanitising, along with our UK weather, stress/busy lifestyle, nutrient depletion, cleaning our therapy rooms, offices and houses with detergent-based products (and 70% ethanol) will eventually take ia heavy toll.

What can we do?

Hand care cream1. Keep hands exfoliated to remove dry skin – look for natural products with ground rosehip seeds and/or fruit enzymes
2. Invest in a good manicure at least every other month (yes, men too) – once allowed
3. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise, especially overnight when the skin heals – ethical products containing shea butter, avocado and/or coconut oils are good ones to look out for. Include your nails as they will benefit too.
4. Try to get plenty of zinc, iron, vitamin C and B group vitamins in your diet – all proven to alleviate brittle nails and enhance skin health.
5. Get those Marigold gloves out for washing up, gardening or cleaning the car – and your fingernails weren’t designed to remove staples!

What about cold hands?

With the Winter months upon us and ecouraged to stay well-ventilated indoors, we can find ourselves with constantly cold hands. But is there any self-help available?

1. The most important single factor is to keep your room warm enough. If possible, you still need to make sure the air temperature is comfortable. Your body closes off small arteries in your skin if you’re too cold.
2. Layer up! Dig out those thin cotton layers/leggings and wear as an extra layer during chilly days.
3. Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid that helps blood flow (found in oily fish and green leafy veg). Ginkgo Biloba supplements also help blood flow to extremities.
4. Ditch the caffeine – it is a vaso-constrictor – and up the water and herbal teas to re-hydrate.
5. If largely sedentary, do keep active – have a 2 or 3 minute walk, or go up and down the stairs a few times. You need to encourage the blood flow back into your hands by getting the heart pumping.
6. If all else fails, buy some re-usable hand warmers! A Google search will bring up many affordable choices.

There’s nothing better than having your own hands and arms regularly massaged. This should ideally be monthly via a professional (once safe to return), a therapy swap or alternatively, you can treat yourself to our brand new Hand & Arm Care Kit – only £22!

The contents include –

1. A 3 minute video giving simple techniques to strenthen your hands/wrists and increase flexibiity.
2. A separate 7 minute video showing you how to give a loved one a gentle hand and arm massage.
3. A 10ml bottle of our professional skin Toner Concentrate
4. A 15ml jar of our award-winning Massage Creme.
5. A full-sized bottle (150ml) of our brand new Gentle Hand & Nail Salve.

And finally… a lovely treat just before bedtime is to rub a few drops of pre-blended (German rather than Roman) chamomile oil into each pulse point on the wrist and over the base of the thumb where we can store tension. To make your own blend, simply add about 4 drops of chamomile oil to 1 teaspoon of rapeseed oil. Chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties as well as soothing muscle pain and spasms. Its calming aroma is legendary and perfect to also help a good nights’ sleep.


New Launch – Volunteer Therapist Hub UK

Calling all Volunteer (and future volunteer!) Therapists –

Have you ever thought about volunteering your beauty/holistic services or maybe you already do? Would you like to meet with like-minded, heart-led therapists to chat about your business, fundraising events, case-studies or just ask questions on how to get involved with local placements in your region? Then read on…

Volunteer Therapist Hub UK

The newly-launched Volunteer Therapist Hub (UK) could be the perfect place to hang out, meet new friends and make a positive change in the world too! The brainchild of Liz Badger, Founder of Face The World, the Hub is already proving to add real value and create quite a buzz – having attracted nearly 200 members in under 3 weeks.

And it’s all free of charge via a members-only facebook group.

Liz says “I realised there was a need for this service – matching therapist volunteers with local demand – over a year ago now. There was no joined up approach, nationally. After putting out some feelers and brainstorming with a wonderful group of my trusted colleagues/contacts, the plan was to create an all singing/dancing website – but sadly funds, time and resources were not on our side! Rather than delay any longer, the facebook group was the perfect “launch pad” for getting things started, proving the need – and hopefully the funds and website will manifest!

“The scope seems endless. The list of possible services and member benefits keeps growing!Liz Badger We of course have the “match-making” at the core of the Hub, though we’d like to start collating case studies where beauty/holistic therapies enhance ‘standard’ medical treatment/recovery – through to sharing events, raising awareness, inspiring stories and articles. It’s of course a great place to therapy swap and make new friends too. Who knows, we may also have a “Volunteer of the Month”, newsletter and our own annual conference and guest speakers one day… even arranging CRB/Clearance for therapists so they are ready to go for the organisations that need them.”

Liz’s enthusiasm for the group seems to be justified – in less than 3 weeks there have already been several new volunteers for Look Good, Feel Good, Therapies 4 Forces, local hospices and local events – and it’s growing all the time. She now wants to invite representatives of organisations/end users of the group to join too and post their need.

Want to get involved? Here’s how –

Simply sign into your facebook account and either search for “Volunteer Therapist Hub UK” or follow the direct link given below. Click to join the group – and be prepared to answer a few questions if your professional background isn’t clear from your profile page.


The Hub looks forward to welcoming more new therapists and now end users too. Feel free to contact Liz directly on 0845 544 1555 or liz@face-the-world.co.uk


FTW Practitioners of The Year 2014/15…

Introducing our 3 amazing holistic/beauty therapist winners –

Our 2014/15 Practitioner of the Year Award was, again, a hugely popular event attracting literally 100’s of loyal clients, fans and followers to cast their votes for their winner. It gives us great pleasure to reveal our winner and two runners up in more detail.

Winner 2014/15 – Zoe Warner

Zoe WarnerAfter time spent travelling the world and living in Australia , Germany and Cyprus to name a view, as well as various UK locations whilst her husband was in the armed forces, Zoe has now settled in the gorgeous county of Gloucestershire .  This is (for now) the place she calls home after her husband was medically discharged due to injuries he suffered from a roadside explosion. This lead her to start up the Therapies4Forces project.  Its main aim is to provide free treatments to injured veterans and their families – and it has gone from being just Zoe to over 200 therapist volunteers throughout the UK.

When she’s not being a wife, mother of 6 children or grandmother, she also runs Vanilla Moon Holistic and Beauty treatments in Stroud – from her luxury, custom built cabin or a full mobile service.  Pamper and Relax Us is also under her control and is a mobile pop up for spa treatments and therapies. The treatments she offers not only make people feel and look good on the outside but also from the inside – and that can make all the difference.

Zoe at her various awards

She has won previous awards, including the Excellence in Practice FHT Awards and the VQ Winner of the South West, which are judged by a panel.

Zoe says: “The FTW Practitioner of the Year Award was made that extra special because it was voted by my clients and their lovely testimonials did make me shed a tear or two.  It was very touching to know that people thought such lovely things about me and makes what I do all the more rewarding.”

“The most important tip I would like to pass onto anyone who is new to the industry is always look after your clients: remember their birthdays and anniversaries; how they have their tea; enquire about their family; ask about the doctor’s appointment they mentioned the last time they were in; how they are getting on with their new hobby.  From the moment they walk through the door make them feel special and not just another client in the appointment book. If you are passionate about a treatment and a client can see that then they are more than likely to share your passion too.”

T4F LogoDetails of Zoes’ businesses and the treatments she offers are found at the following web addresses:
·        www.vanillamoon.biz
·        www.pamperandrelax.us

 2nd Place – Hayley Pearson

Hayley PearsonHayley is a Complementary Therapist based in a small village called Great Moulton in South Norfolk. She has been practising for 8 years and offers a variety of therapies that range from bodywork to energy based treatments. She trained in her various therapies after suffering ill health after the birth of her children. The therapies she tried helped her so much, she decided to retrain and so help other people who may be suffering similar issues.

Hayley says: “I love what I do and to be able to have someone come into my therapy room feeling stressed and in pain and then leave with a smile on their face feeling better than they did when they arrived, is a wonderful feeling and makes work not difficult to want to do!”

“The tip I would give anyone considering starting up in this business is to follow your heart. You need to love what you do and enjoy helping others. Any therapist you meet will always wish to help you on your journey and there is no competitiveness from anyone as everyone needs advice and help when starting out.”

Her perfect client would be someone who hasn’t experienced complementary therapies before – whether the bodywork ones like massage, the relaxing ones such as the Face the World Holistic Facial, or Reiki – and to be able to show them how they can help with the relaxing and switching off of the mind which will then help allow the body to feel less tense and tight.

To find out more about what Hayley does, please take a look at www.serenityouch.co.uk where you will find all the therapies she offers along with the Face the World courses and Reiki courses that she teaches.

Serenity TouchTo book a treatment or to find out about the courses Hayley offers, you can also email her on Hayley@serenitytouch.co.uk or give her a ring on 01379 674135 / 07940287747

 3rd Place – Vicki Rayner

Vicki RaynerVicki started her career in retail , working within the premium brand cosmetic business. She spent five years in the beauty trade before moving on to become the manager of a luxury boutique. However, holistic therapies have always been something Vicki enjoyed and interested in – so much so that she went to study at the Norwich Academy of Holistic Therapies. Vicki qualified with distinction to become a member of the Guild of Holistic Therapies.

Holistic treatments are something she’s always enjoyed – and felt for a long time that there was a particular niche which had not been filled: a treatment room set deep within the heart of the peaceful Norfolk countryside where clients can feel welcomed, relaxed and rejuvenated by their visit.

The Lavender Room is Located at Low Farm Barns, set within a country estate. What better place to discover the serenity that should be the foundation of holistic therapy, this whole package being the reason she loves her job so much!

Vicki says: “I really do feel that I not only fully satisfy my clients by giving them 110%, but every day is a pleasurable, fulfilling journey for myself. I felt honoured to take 3rd place, behind two incredible ladies that I look up to. It was fantastic. I think there was a little bit of screaming going on!”

“My journey into the world of Holistic therapies as been a life changing one, one that was decided for me by a run of life changing personal situations. Leaving a job I loved with an amazing company was one of the hardest things I have ever done, however I see now that it was all for a reason. My life is so fulfilled, satisfying and forever evolving. Having just launched from my wonderful new treatment room, I can also confirm it’s very hard work but worth every moment. If you are thinking of a career in this business, simply follow your dreams.”

Lavender Room NorfolkHave a browse of Vicki’s website at www.thelavenderroomnorfolk.co.uk  or feel free to call me on 07792 297545.

Competition Winner Becomes a UK First!

When Holistic Therapist Magazine randomly picked a winner from their autumn 2014 competition, little did they know they were about to create a piece of history. For the winner, professional massage therapist Trevor Frost of Corpus et Animus in Hertfordshire, was about to become the first male practitioner of the unique Face The World choreographed facial massage.

Trevor and Lauren

Trevor receives his Diploma from FTW Tutor, Lauren.

Trevor successfully attended the next training day in his region, held in the Holistic Training Courses centre in Hatfield on 12th January. He joined fellow students, Carolynn Binnie, Claire Wild and Kirsti Johns to literally get to grips with the patented facial “routine.” The Face The World holistic facial incorporates music therapy, aromatherapy, massage techniques and natural, ethical products – taking clients on a memorable virtual journey around the world.


The advanced one day course, aimed at professional therapists, covered all aspects of a facial from cleansing the skin to acu-pressure of the facial meridian points. Some mini Thai Foot, Tibetan Hand/Arm and Indian Head massage techniques were also taught for during the Ocean Rain Mask stage. To round off the experience, a sachet of overnight serum is given to the client to take home.

Some gentle stretches prior to the Eastern Acu-pressure stage of the facial.

Some gentle stretches prior to the Eastern Acu-pressure stage of the facial.


Trevor says of his win “Thank you for a super course yesterday. I really enjoyed learning some new skills, and also being able to use some of my current skills in a different way. The whole package is excellent and the music enhances the treatment so much more.”



Trevor applies the Ocean Rain mask cloth using tapotement “raindrops”.

Trevor applies the Ocean Rain mask cloth using tapotement “raindrops”.

To find out more about the facial, watch our Virtual Facial movie (Flash Player needed) https://www.face-the-world.co.uk/pages/Virtual-Facial.html – or call Liz on 0845 544155 (liz@face-the-world.co.uk) for the latest offers and training dates.

In the Hertfordshire/Bedfordshire border region? You can book your multi-sensory Face The World Facial with Trevor by contacting him at info@corpustherapies.co.uk or on 07428 590511.


Social Media for Beginners in the Beauty Industry

Social Media for Beginners in the Beauty Industry by Tia Ramey

As a business owner you have been hearing a lot of talk about social media.  You probably even have a few professionals that you follow for inspiration on how to further your own skills and techniques.  You see the importance of social networking in your industry but maybe you are shy about getting out there or you are not quite understanding the need for it in your business just yet. Whatever your reason might be for not jumping onto the world-wide social scene, it’s now time to leave it behind and embrace the opportunity to expose your skills on a much larger scale.  With all the tutorials from non-licensed professionals that receive thousands of views on YouTube all the time, why shouldn’t  you be gaining that attention?  After all you are the pro, and you have the talent.  Where do you begin to stand out in the vast amount of people in your industry who have already gained a loyal audience?

SM Post

Create Professional Business Pages

You probably already have  personal social networks and that is great.  If you have a nice and supportive group of friends than it will be easy to make a post and ask them to support your businesses pages.  You need business pages for a few different reasons that are very important.  The most obvious reason being that you need to separate your personal life from that of your business.  This needs to be two different entities because people from the outside, those you don’t know will be looking for your business and you may not want them to gain access to your photos of your family, your political views, or anything that is not relevant to your business.  The second reason is that if you have a website (which you really need if you don’t) the more social networks your company is a part of the better chances that someone can find you in a direct search.  This also helps with your branding elements, you need to create as many channels online to be seen as possible.  For your line of business a Facebook business page, Twitter and LinkedIn are highly recommended for your company to belong to for SEM (Search Engine Marketing).  Make sure that you have your logo, contact information, regular posts, and a statement that describes your business that is consistent on every one of those social networks.  Once you have this set up, begin asking your clients and directing people to like, follow, or add you.

Provide Excellent Customer Service

Once you begin building your networks and your groups you have an awesome opportunity to reach out to your clientele.  Social media is not just about showing off your skills, it is about establishing a relationship with the people that either already or potentially could do business with you.  This is a great outlet to reach people where they are.  If you have a loyal clientele this is an awesome opportunity for your Facebook group where you could post any loyal customer specials or promotions you would like to reward to them.  Having them in a private group helps them to feel special, like they have a relationship with someone they will not receive if they go anywhere else.  You could post openings in your schedule and create some urgency for your clients to come in.  If you have any new products, tips, or advice on maintenance between visits this is where you want to place that information.  You should be posting daily or a few times a week to all your social networks so you can maintain the interest of your clientele by providing excellent service to them online.  For example, if you are a facialist, create a tutorial for your clients on how to keep their skin looking good after they leave the salon.  This is the outside of the box thinking that women need from their spa and beauty professionals.  If you have the mind to serve, than you will stand out far beyond your competitors.

Market Your Networks

One of the most common mistakes most business owners make with social media is to assume that because they are on the internet that people will just find them.  You have to be assertive with recommending that your clients, friends, and family are liking, following, and sharing your information.  You can always take advantage of PPC (Pay Per-Click) or other social networking advertising opportunities to grow your fan-base.  In your industry, growing organically from referrals and taking advantage of your inner-circle can go a long way.  In this industry, women want people they can trust. Customers absolutely love first hand connections so take advantage of those that could sing your praises.  Be sure to tell your clients to like you on Facebook or follow you on Twitter.  Let them know about the different outlets where they can find you to stay connected to any promotional offers, tips, beauty secrets, or tutorials. Followers don’t stick to you because you want them to, they will follow you because of what you have to offer them.

Social media in your industry is a growing source of revenue that is expanding everyday.  With all the photos on Pinterest that move from board to board, you should be receiving the attention.  If you are confident in your skills as a professional, then you should be broadcasting to the world how excellent you are.  Social networking is about having a point-of-view, and having a trusting relationship enough with your clientele to share it.   You have the talent, the skills, the education to capture viewers and grow your business and this is the most affordable, and visual tool to help you do it.

Author Tia Ramey – Ramey Marketing